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Mother’s Day

Two of my four kiddies made me homemade Mother’s Day cards. Blake said he made me something, but couldn’t find it. That kid is getting too old…already fibbing like an adult.

Chase made me a few things, but here is my favorite.

Chase's card

#7 is my favorite

Two days before Mother’s Day Karli kept asking me how many dishrags I have. I just made up a number and she said, “Well you might have one more very soon!” LOL…she isn’t real good at keeping secrets or surprizes. This is what she made me.

From Karli 

From Karli 

I save all of the art projects the kids make for me. Each of my kids have a rubbermaid storage container in the basement filled with school papers, art projects, yearbooks, etc. I remember when I was a teenager I constantly looked at this scrapbook my mom had of some of my art projects. I think it only lasted a few years and she stopped putting stuff in it. Hopefully my kids with appreciate their memory boxes someday.

How do you save your kids memories?

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  • Reply Michele May 12, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    So sweet! I miss all those goofy handmade gifts. I have storage tubs too. I did really good even through high school with the girls, but these last couple years for the boys, not so much :/

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