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    I am such a big fan and I actully play volleyball

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    Hi are you coming through clarksville tn if so plz have a meet and greet at govonor square mall

    • Reply katie November 25, 2015 at 10:46 am

      I am such a big fan and I actully play volleyball

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    hi my name is Michelle gates I love watching your videos. You guys are the best and I wish I was best friends with Karli:(. When I am board I watch you guys all day one day I was really board so like the hole day I was watching your channel. you guys have change my life if I didn’t watch your guys’ channel my life would be so boring. And I think chase is really cute. Thank you guys for having your channel I don’t now what I would do if you didn’t have your channel so thank you. and your dogs are soooooooo cute. And I hop I could meet you guys someday. I am 12 and I am in 7 grade my school is York central school. love you guys

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      and I love your hamster I named my hamster pipsqueak to

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      Not trying to be rude I am really a spell finatict but you spell’t whole rong

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    Do the 10 bean boozled and put in the blender and u got 25 seconds to drink it all

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    I love yall and yall should make a video doing the penuts challange and say chandler mills said it plz.

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    I love wathching you Karli reese . I love your family nest .

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    Hi Our Family Nest you guys are my favorite channel and favorite people whenever Andrew is on I always can’t stop looking at him and yes I know he’s too old for me I’m only 13 years old and Andrew is 19 years old but Blake no he’s only two years older than me can you guys please Repky Our Family Nest I’m your biggest fan ever Whenever I get done doing Art Club every Tuesday at LakeRidge Middle School I always watch your videos can you put this as the comment of the day Please and yeah thanks for always being their when I need you

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    i love u guys and ur video my favorite person is Karlie she is sweet and pretty and yall are a lovely family

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    Happy birthday kirsta 😎

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      hey our family nest i love all your video your the best.also can you keep doing a lot of challenges

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        I love u guys even keylai she is a pretty girls I watch all our challenges they are funny I wish I was keylai friend

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      im a big fan of karly and chase you guys rock i love you guys.

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      happy birthday krista

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    Will you guys ever travel to Wichita Kansas???
    <3 You guys so much:)

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    Hey Our Family Nest! You guys are the best! I love watching your videos! Your challenges are the BEST and AWESOME! Thank you for being a YouTuber cause you guys are the BOMB!

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    Hi Our Family Nest, You guys are amazing and I love your videos and I love your dogs and karlis Hamster and Chase And Karli you have the best sister and brother relationship on YouTube that don’t fight on camera and your mum and are a great cook and I wish I had close and good friends like you Karli 😕 But I love Mint blue and when I sore your curtain and you got chevron you made me have a new thing in my life Thankyou because now I like mint chevron But all I want to say is You guys Work so hard and give up half your Time to be a youtuber and I appreciate it and I really love watching your videos especially karli with a video called ‘Our Daughter a comedian’ and how you and karli were watching old videos And I love your guys so much as youtuber, you made my life be more amazing because if it wasn’t for Our Family Nest My life would be boring but they mad is amazing and I really love watching your videos and new videos when I have nothing to do and I have your as my home screen on my iPad,From Ashlee Faunce,13,High School,Gold Coast,QLD

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    Your Videos are cool! I mostly like your challenges.

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    Love u guys!!! Your videos are awesome

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      Is your last name mosse

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    hi karly am a fan

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      Alondra you have the same last name as me! LOL

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    Hi ourfamilynest clove you guys so much and I thing you guys should do the smoothie challang I did it and it was fun but funny lol I love you so much
    Love- Alexis

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      Hey ourfamilynest i was just wondering if you could reply to my comments i love you guys so so so much…U guys inspire me..and i love what karli does..i also play volly ball and im like your biggest fann..P.S…Mackenzii is my real name i never say it in videos so Yea..byee love you guys

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    I love your videos and I really would like to meet karli she seems like a really nice girl, I watch your videos everyday.

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    Cavan you guys another morning routine

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      Hi our family nest i see your video everyday and i enjoy them am in dance gymnastic and cheerleding i love you guys and hi karli and chese

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    Hi I love your videos the videos are so funny Hi Karli

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    I love your video’s on YouTube i love y’all mostly Karli can you tag me in one of your video’s Haley Starr

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    I love your video’s on YouTube i love y’all can you tag me in one of your video’s Haley Starr

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    Hi family nest i love your youtube channle esspecialy karli because shes authentic creative also she is joyfull funny

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    i love your videos hi

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    I love all of your videos and you have a nice house and I wish I could have a pool like that and Tori is so cute she’s my one of my favorites

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    I live in Australia great challenge videos you guys should visit Australia.

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    We’re are u from I really love your videos and your dogs are so cute and u have cool color of hover boards

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    karli i lv ya watch ya every day will u tell blake to do one video with him in it <3

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      Um, why would you say that?

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