#365dog – Week 33

August 25, 2014 365 days of gratitude
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Day 225 Fueling up before the last day of dance camp. Day 226 Mother daughter matching rings Day 227 Only Chase and Karli would bring blankets and stuffed animals to the movies. Guardians of the Galaxy was spectacular!! Day 228 Even though they are 3 we will always call them our pups! Day 229 My […]

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What’s in Karli’s Purse?

August 21, 2014 vlogs/videos
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Karli loves to watch YouTube just as much as she does making videos. It was so cute when she came to me and said, “Let’s make a what’s in our purses video!” I was going to make one along with her, but my purse is extremely boring. Other than a bunch of receipts and chapstick, […]

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#365dog – Week 32

August 21, 2014 365 days of gratitude
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Day 218 Twinsies! Day 219 Been addicted to jelly toast lately. yum! Day 220 Picking up pizza and watching Divergent with the kiddos. One stop at Gino’s and one stop at Pizza Hut. Some things we can never agree on! Day 221 Andrew going to the DriveIn with his friends…packed in like sardines! Day 222 […]

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

August 21, 2014 vlogs/videos
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Both Ken and the two youngest kids were nominated to do the ice bucket challenge for ALS. We will be donating any money made off these two videos to the ALS Association by the end of September. Even Tori, our Yorkie, took the challenge by accident in Ken’s video! Let’s see who’s video gets more […]

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My Room Tour

August 15, 2014 house projects
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Kari’s bedroom tour!! Of course by the time you are viewing this her room is no longer this clean or organized =) SHARE

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Karli’s 10th Birthday

August 7, 2014 diy/crafts
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I guess this is what happens when your daughter enters the double digits…she plans the birthday party herself! Karli knew exactly what she wanted when we went shopping for decorations and such for her party. She knew she wanted turquoise and pink and she didn’t want a cake, she wanted an ice cream sundae bar. […]

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#365dog – Week 31

August 7, 2014 365 days of gratitude
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Day 211 Beautiful day for the zoo! Day 212 I gave her a haircut and now I’m calling her Splinter from TMNT. LOL! Day 213 Shaggy is such a lover. Day 214 Karli is extremely excited for her birthday Tuesday!! Day 215 A little bit of old fashioned video game playing with Karli on our […]

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Visit to the Toledo Zoo

August 1, 2014 vlogs/videos
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We’ve been to the Toledo Zoo many times before, but there were quite a few updates since the last time we went. When the kids were little we would go at least once a year. Blake wasn’t too thrilled about going, but we made him go, LOL! It turned out to be a really nice […]

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#365dog – Week 30

July 30, 2014 365 days of gratitude
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Day 204 Karli’s room all cleaned and organized. Wish it would last! We have a new nightstand being delivered that will replace her dresser to make more room. Day 205 Feeling accomplished…Blake and Chase’s new comforters. Found cheap bed in the bag deals to add some more color to their room. Day 206 Chase having […]

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#365dog – Week 29

July 24, 2014 365 days of gratitude
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Day 197 I made Karli give the Chick-fil-A cow a kiss before she could get some dinner! Day 198 Karli had dance nationals in Kalahari. I thought the girls performed their very best and while they didn’t take home the top scores, they gave it their all. Day 199 Second day of dance nationals. On […]

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Chubby Bunny Challenge

July 23, 2014 vlogs/videos
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Our most requested video thus far has been the Chubby Bunny Challenge. At the beginning you will also get a taste as to what it’s like to film a video with Chase and Karli. They are a riot, but they also drive me batty at times. But hey, that’s their job I suppose. I hope […]

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#365dog – Week 28

July 16, 2014 365 days of gratitude
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Day 189 Finished the second book Where She Went in one day. So good! If you like mushy young love kinda books Day 190 Yummy in my tummy! Day 191 Crazy season of Big Brother…loving it! Day 192 Ouch! Andrew sliced his thumb open at work. Thank goodness no stitches, just glue and some steri […]

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