Wrestling Highlights

October 1, 2014
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I put together a highlight reel of Chase’s wrestling 2013-14 season, including his state championships where he took 4th place. That’s 4th place in the state!! Amazing, we are so proud of him! He wrestled in the 60 pound category and he is 11 years old. SHARE

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Nutrisystem frozen foods & more

September 29, 2014
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Our frozen food delivery for Nutrisystem came and we share with you what was in the box. BUT…the kids also had to play with the dry ice that came in the shipment and they taste tested the Nutrisystem Fast 5 shake. Ken and I love them…see what the kids thought! Disclaimer: We are receiving 3 […]

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#365dog – Week 38

September 28, 2014
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Day 260 Enjoying our last week of treats! Day 261 The dogs when they see the kids coming off the bus. Day 262 They’ve arrived! Our Nutrisystem boxes! Start the diet on Monday! Day 263 Fall is here! Day 264 Tomorrow WILL be a better day!! Plus We start Nutrisystem Day 265 Sparkly new Acadia!! […]

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Oreo Challenge Gone Wrong

September 28, 2014
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Karli and her friend Alyssa attempted to do the Oreo cookie challenge and pretty much failed!! Giggly girls and night time filming fail =) SHARE

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Answering viewers questions – Part Two

September 27, 2014
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Chase and Karli answer our viewers questions on YouTube. This is part two of them reaching our to their viewers and allowing them to ask them random questions just for fun! Part One is here. SHARE

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Starting Nutrisystem | Unboxing Video

September 25, 2014
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Ken and I have struggled with being overweight for a long time. The last time I can remember us both being happy with our bodies was at Karli’s First Birthday Party and that was 9 years ago! We had lost weight together back then and through the years we’ve only been successful losing weight if […]

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Answering viewers questions – Part One

September 24, 2014
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To celebrate reaching 8,000 subscribers the kids told our YouTube viewers to ask us questions on Facebook and YouTube. Here Chase and Karli answer the questions from Facebook *Part One* and then the next video they will be answering YouTube questions! Have you liked our PAGE on Facebook yet? You should!! SHARE

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Brother does my Makeup Challenge

September 23, 2014
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Karli and Chase’s next challenge is the MY BROTHER DOES MY MAKEUP CHALLENGE!! Hilarious…I had such a hard time not laughing while filming. SHARE

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#365dog – Week 37

September 19, 2014
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Day 253 Stinker trying to steal a beef stick! Day 254 I did not invite you into my garage you leaf bug! Day 255 Great birthday!! Another year younger. Day 256 Date night! I’m getting lucky, and Ken won too! LOL Day 257 The girls stare at me like I got bones in my pockets! […]

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First Q & A

September 18, 2014
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To celebrate surpassing 8,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel Chase and Karli are having their first Question & Answer session. You can go to our Facebook or on YouTube and ask them any questions that you would like them to answer in a video that we will be filming on Sunday. Thank you so much […]

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Smoothie Challenge

September 15, 2014
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Chase & Karli’s next challenge is the SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE! We picked out 8 of the best and 8 of the worst ingredients we had. Either way…they were both pretty gross, WATCH! SHARE

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#365dog – Week 36

September 11, 2014
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Day 246 There’s nothing wrong with a little bribery! Day 247 First homework assignment of the year! Good thing it was a class website scavenger hunt so we could be comfy on the couch…Tori included. Day 248 Seen comedian Taylor Williamson from America’s Got Talent tonight at FunnyBones. Lots of laughs! Day 249 Ken always […]

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