Sick baby girl

Thursday night Karli came down with the flu. She stayed home from school Friday and rested pretty much all day up in my bedroom. She enjoys being sick a little too much because she likes having her bed mattress in our room on the floor. By Friday evening she was feeling fine, but I still let her keep the mattress in there one more night. As I was cleaning up the kitchen and trying to get some things done for the night she kept bugging me to come upstairs and cuddle with her in our bedroom. When I finally gave in, this is what I walked into.

Sick baby girl

She had her bed set up with all her sick supplies. She said she had seen something on TV earlier that day while she was resting about all the ways you can get healthy when you aren’t feeling well. She was trying to tell me that it was OK that she had this pile on the floor because TV SAID SO.
Her pile consisted of:
Disney Princess book
TV remote
box of tissues
clean empty garbage can
water bottle filled with fresh ice water
digital thermometer
She had a bottle of Children’s Tylenol but I made her put that back in the bathroom!

I would be completely happy with her taking care of me while I am sick!

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  • Reply smizzo February 13, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    Aww, I miss these days! When my boys were younger, we did the same thing and it worked out so well. She looks so cozy! I am glad she is feeling better. LOL, the princess book was the first thing I noticed.

  • Reply Amanda February 13, 2011 at 12:25 am

    What a sweet girl! :) I love how she is all prepared with the appropriate supplies! :) lol

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