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Where is the slow down button for this life of mine? I have so many blog drafts that I never published it crazy. It’s often that I will start writing something and then save it until I have time to resize photos or whatever and then I never seem to get around to finishing it.

Life is freakin’ insane people!! If you have little kids at home and you think your life is busy, just wait. It doesn’t get any easier and if people tell you that it does they are lying. Well I suppose it gets easier in the sense that you aren’t wiping butts and faces all day long, but now you have so many more things to deal with. Sports, dance, the endless birthday party invites, trying to keep the fridge filled, the laundry done…my gosh I can’t even keep my receipt pile empty. HOMEWORK!! My gosh, is homework meant for the kids or the parents? I sometimes wonder. I haven’t read any books since the Shades of Grey series because I haven’t had the desire to read at night after reading with the kids. This is the last week of school so hopefully I will be doing some reading in the near future.

Anyways, I want to get caught up here at the ole family blog and I don’t just want to skip things because my lack of extra time. So don’t mind me and the fact that I am sharing things that are a bit old.

For today we have some photos from Easter. Look at those cute kiddos and puppies!


If you want you can view the photos individually here.

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