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Revisiting 2009

It feels like just yesterday that I was posting a picture of my elliptical and saying that it would be my best friend for 2009. Ha, that sure didn’t happen did it? I don’t typically make New Years resolutions, but I do have some things that I would like to work on this year. Such as cooking my family better meals (less fast food!) and doing some sort of physical activity at least 3 days a week (start small!) Ken has vowed to stop smoking again, lets hope he sticks with it this time. The kids have all promised to be on their best behavior and listen to Ken and I at all times. Yeah right!

For NYE we went to dinner at Sakura’s with a bunch of friends and then we all came back to our house. We had fun just hanging out with everyone.
Me and my girlfriends on NYE

Many people have done a review of 2009 on their blogs. I thought I would post one too, but I am going to do it a little different and pick what specific entry from the month that I want, rather than picking the first one like others have. If you want to read the entire entry, just click on the read more link after each blurb.

January 2009 – Lucky Day
Yesterday Andrew tried out for a travel baseball team and made it! They actually asked him the day of the tryout to be on their team. Read more….

February 2009 – Superbowl Sunday
We decided not to have a Superbowl party this year…mainly because the bulb in our projector burnt out. Read more…

March 2009 – Some days are better than others
The kids had a half day of school today due to the end of the trimester so I scheduled the 3 younger ones dentist appointments. Read more…

April 2009 – Random Happenings
Is it odd that I enjoy when my youngest two kids ask me silly questions like…When will I get fur on my pee pee? Read more…

May 2009 – Gradulations Day
My baby girl graduated from Preschool. I am glad it is over with. Read more…

June 2009 – All Play and No Work
Our yearly zoo membership expires tomorrow so I thought it would be smart of me to take the kids to the zoo today and then I won’t have to renew our membership until 2010. Read more…

July 2009 – 4th of July
4th of July was pretty low key. Read more…

August 2009 – Vacation Photos
I have such a love-hate relationship with my Canon Rebel Digital camera. Read more…

September 2009 – School Open House
Last night was Open House at the kid’s school. Read more…

October 2009 – Andrew is FOURTEEN!
This past weekend we celebrated Andrew’s 14th Birthday…twice! Read more…

November 2009 – Halloween Photos
A little late, but here are some of our photos from Halloween. Read more…

December 2009 – Trip to Chicago
We had a great time in Chicago earlier this month. Read more…

Here’s to 2010! Wishing you all a year of health and wealth!

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  • Reply Friglet January 5, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    It looks like you had a great year. :)

    Happy 2010!

  • Reply Terra January 4, 2010 at 8:50 am

    what a busy year! I can’t believe it is over!

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