Fall moments to remember

It’s hard to believe the kids have been back in school for two months already. Times flies when you are having fun, right?! Now that football is coming to an end we actually have some spare time available to enjoy some personal hobbies, such has spending some time on our family blog. How do you like the new header? I just fell in love with the heart/nest graphic and had to do something with it.

Here’s some photos from the past couple of months.

The first day of school for the kiddos pictures
First day of school

Did I tell ya I turned 29 last month?? Okay fine, 39…but who’s counting. Ken allows me to be whatever age I want, see even my cake says so. (Ya, hubby doesn’t take real good photos on the fly.)
Forever 29th!!! (really 39th, but hubby loves me that much)

My kids can’t ever keep their bedrooms clean. Sometimes I just want to say “Who cares!” and just keep their doors shut all the time. Do you make your kids keep their rooms tidy? I have to say I like Karli’s room the best. For one it’s PINK and two she loves to share photos and have people leave her sweet messages on her board. Hmmm, sounds familiar.
Brings back memories of my childhood...hanging new pictures all the time.

CrAzY hAiR dAy!!!
Crazy Hair Day!!

Andrew took a Parenting class this year and it was his turn to take care of a fake baby for the weekend. We were cracking up laughing that the baby started crying right as his dad picked him up for the weekend. It was all smiles from this grandma and grandpa! Andrew had a rough weekend, but he survived. Let’s hope I am not a grandma for another 10 years or so.
Andrew is a dad this weekend for parenting class ;)

He got a Mexican baby since it most closely resembled his dark complexion. We have no Mexican in our bloodlines, just a little Indian. Andrew named his baby Carlos!
Update: He got his grade for the taking care of the baby today- he got a 105%. Not sure how he got the extra credit, but sounds like he will be a great parent. HAHAHA, if only it were that easy. Too bad the baby didn’t poop up it’s back while sitting in the car seat or spit up on all over itself a few times. :0
Meet my grandson...Carlos. He's Mexican.  I guess this was the closest to Andrew's s complexion, LOL.

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