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Andrew - 16 years

My dad has always said that Andrew is a special kid and I wholeheartedly agree. I couldn’t be more proud of the young man he has become. He continues to amaze me and I couldn’t ask for anything more in a son. Well except for growing up so fast…he’s making me feel old!

My parents got Andrew some fishing equipment. We got him an iPhone and I was even kind enough to give him my unlimited data plan since Verizon isn’t giving out any new smartphone owners unlimited plans anymore. He also got a bunch of money which I have no idea what he is going to spend that on.
Andrew's 16th Birthday Andrew's 16th Birthday

To celebrate his birthday with friends we took him and his buddies to play paintball. After begging and pleading for him to have a big 16th Birthday Bash, he finally compromised and agreed to my idea of playing paintball. He has always been one of those kids who doesn’t like people making a big fuss over things. They all had a blast at paintball and some walked away with battle scars. I just watched, which I am glad I didn’t give it a try after seeing some of the welts they received.

Andrew after Paintball

Geez, when did they all get so tall?
Paintball with friends

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