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Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat!!

Highlights of the evening:
– Tried a different recipe for chilli and it wasn’t very tasty.
– Burnt the cornbread because it wasn’t done when the timer went off and then forgot about it.
– Painted Chase’s face for his vampire costume and he looked in the mirror and smeared it all off – he went as a football player instead.
– Listened to Blake say “I’m not wearing my shoulder pads!” about 50 times…ha, look who won.
– Laughed as my 16 year old son decided to paint his face and go trick or treating with some buddies. Still not sure what he was supposed to be.
– Enjoyed walking with the kids AND my husband for the first time ever! He has always stayed home to pass out candy, but this year the grandparents handled that for us.
– Kids actually went through the entire neighborhood without taking a single break- first time ever! Only took 75 minutes!
– Chase ended the evening with a belly ache.
– Karli ended the evening with cutting a huge chunk of hair off the top of her head because her rubber band was stuck. Why do kids do that?! Ugh!

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