June Pictorial

It’s hard to believe 3 weeks of summer vacation have passed already and here we are in July! Just like every summer we have been super busy trying to keep up with Blake and Chase’s baseball schedules. It feels like this season is never going to end because the games keep getting rained out. We have had rain the past 11 days straight I think. This is the first year that Andrew hasn’t played baseball since he was 5 years old. It’s bittersweet, but I also feel like everything happens for a reason. His back still bothers him every so often especially when he doesn’t exercise. He has been working at a car dealership and I’ve been pushing him to save money for college. We are going to help him out, but he needs to have some stake in his education as well. OH GOODNESS!!! I can’t believe I have a son that is almost 18 years old and will be a Senior in high school. Today is the exact date that we moved into our house 12 years ago and shortly after Andrew began Kindergarten. Now here we are discussing Senior photographs and visiting colleges.

Blake turned 13 and is growing up so fast as well. Now it seems like he is separate from the little kids. Sure every so often he still gets wrapped up into their fights and chaos, but for the most part he is starting to mature and act like a teenager. Which is not ALL good, haha! He is also at that age where he gets bored easily. Good thing he has football workouts to keep him active this summer.

The 3 youngest kids just completed a two week catechism course so we officially felt that we started summer break today. It is a church in another town that offers CCD to be completed in 2 weeks (like summer school) instead of having to go one day a week for most of the regular school year. It allows us to have that one day each week to focus on the kids activities and sports instead. It’s hard because you try to make CCD a priority, but you don’t want the kids to not participate in sports because of schedule conflicts. We thought we would try it out and it was rough getting them out the door at 8am every day when they really wanted to sleep in (me too!), but now that it’s over it is a great relief. Blake will have some other commitments to meet throughout the year yet since he is making his Confirmation this year.

With all that being said…Happy July to you all and I hope you are having a great summer so far.
Here are my Instagram photos for the month of June.

Daisy and Pippa have no idea how their quiet days are about to end once school is out.
They would be lost without one another.

I was excited though…and ready for school to be over with for awhile. Even my nails were celebrating! This is the Sally Hansen All Yarned Up, Fuzzy Coat layered overtop of a pink polish.
Even my nails are celebrating the end of the school year!

The last week of school Karli just had to wear these yellow jeans she picked out at Target even though it was warm outside.
Karli seen these yellow jeans at the store and said they were to die for!

Lazy Tori always napping in our bed.
Laziest dog ever.

Yummy strawberry shortcake made with strawberries that the kids picked with Grandpa.
Yum! Kids picked strawberries with grandpa and they were so tasty.

Reverse oreo cookie doggies!
Happy Monday! Just Smile ;)

My Knockout Rose bush is looking nice so far. Ken picked out a good one for me.
Loving my knockout roses!

Our yard looks so nice now after finally ditching the black mulch we always buy every year and getting some nice landscape rocks instead. I love how it turned out. We took some video of the new yard too.
Loving our front yard this year.  All of our hard work paid off.

Blake and Chase helped us dig up a large tree that we got rid of and replaced it with the exact same tree, just a baby one.
We even put the boys to work! #childlabor

My summer guilty pleasures…My Favorite TV Shows right now!
Best shows on TV this summer!

I also recently watched the first episode of Under the Dome on Hulu. It was really good! Excited to watch the next episode tonight.
Forgot to record Under the Dome Monday night so watching it online. I LOVE the Internet!! #underthedome

My babies trying to share Tori’s new bed.
At least some of our children know how to share.

Happy 13th Birthday to Blake!!
Happy 13th Birthday Blake!

He had his buds over to swim and sleep over to celebrate his birthday.
Celebrating with his buds!

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