#365dog – Week 21

Day 140
It was 1 year ago that I posted a video about my office remodel. We are finally getting the new office furniture delivered tomorrow.

Day 141
King of the World!!

Day 142
Thug Life

Day 143
Sneak peek of my office. Work in progress…needs to be decorated. But here is the furniture. Kids area is on the left and mine on the right. I totally needed my own work space.

Day 144
Painting the garage..Andrew doing all the hard work, however Ken had more paint on himself. Getting the house ready for Andrew’s graduation party.

Day 145
Karli just couldn’t resist. What it is with kids and having to try things out at home stores?

Day 146
Karli had made me this for Mother’s Day and how I have a special place for it right on my new desk.

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