Weekend recap

Latest Happenings:

Friday- neighborhood garage sale that I decided to participate in only because I already had things priced and left over from the sale we had at my mom’s house 2 weeks ago. Only made about $130. Better than nothing.

Saturday – stopped at a garage sale on the way to Blake and Chase’s baseball game and bought Karli an Easy Bake Oven for $5. I was going to get her one for her birthday. Oh well! Watched their games and then went to Andrew’s game at noon. He has been playing catcher and he got his thumb and 2 fingers smashed by a batter. It was catcher interference…and he was in a lot of pain. Came home, kids swam a little bit. Karli, Emma (niece) and I left to go to Target to get some food for her Easy Bake Oven. I ran my pinky toe into a sprinkler head that was sticking up and thought I might die. It is still purple, though not broken. Baked some brownies in the oven, see pics below. Watched Mall Cop…too funny. Kevin James reminds me of my husband quite a bit. LOL!

Sunday – Andrew had a game at 11am. Missed church again. Packed up garage sale stuff and took a couple of bins to my mom’s for sale next year. Ugh. Did some reading, hung out with the kids, and waited patiently for the MTV Movie Awards.

The girls had a lot of fun making brownies with Karli’s oven. Although these tiny little bites that we all had to have after making only two pans of brownies were hilarious. I told Karli we should cook with her oven and dishes everyday and I would lose more weight.

Raising future moms

Putting in the brownies

Chase enjoyed using the cooking tool to pretend choke himself instead.

Chase prefers violence

It worked!

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