Written by Karli, 7 years old

Hi, it’s Karli and this is a book that I am writing about cats and dogs. My mom says I always have messy handwriting but my friend Karli taught me how to write neatly. There are two Karli’s in my class, me – Karli G. and Karli R. We even spell our names the same. The other Karli has a metal thing in her mouth to make her teeth wider, it’s gross. Sometimes she gets food stuck up there and has to pick it out. I went to her birthday party at the movie theater and seen Puss in Boots, it was funny. Everyone ate pizza, but I hate pizza so I ate two pieces of cookie cake instead. Mom said I am probably the only person in the world that doesn’t like pizza. My favorite food is macaroni and cheese. I would eat it every day if I could.

Day Two – Words #FebPhotoADay
Words...a small book Karli is writing. #febphotoaday

Today my mom brought me McDonalds to school for lunch because today was pizza day and I hate pizza. I could pack but I am sick of ham and cheese and its like the only thing to pack. I like Lunchables but my mom won’t buy them because my stupid brothers sneak them up to their bedrooms and then get food in their beds. This morning my mom found a spoon with pudding stuck to my brother’s sheet. That is disgusting! This one time my brother Chase leaned over his bunk bed and drooled on Blake’s face while he was watching TV. Blake was so mad I thought he was going to kill him. Blake hates germs! He won’t ever eat food if someone else has touched it.

Two of my brothers have girlfriends named Ali – that is WEIRD!

Day Three – Hands #FebPhotoADay
Hands #febphotoaday  I know a little girl that needs to clean her nails!

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