Karli’s Dance Recital

Karli has been working so hard at her gymnastics skills. We were so excited when her dance teacher decided she could do a tumbling pass the beginning of the jazz routine! This upcoming dance year Karli wants to try out for competition dance, but I’m still a little torn. I mean I want her to do competition dance and have the experience, but in 3 years when she enters into 7th grade she really wants to cheer for the junior high and try out for their competitive cheer team. At that point you can’t really do both – dance and cheer. Honestly though it’s hard to know when you are almost 9 years old what you might want to do throughout junior high and high school. So we are just going to take it one year at a time and see what happens. Hopefully at some point she will be a lot better at one or the other and we will know that it is what she is meant to do.

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