Karli’s First Sleepover

My niece Emma is in town for a week. Her dad has to work Tuesday and Wednesday so we are babysitting her while he is at work. Last night she stayed the night so he doesn’t have to get her up so early in the morning. Karli was so excited to have her stay the night. She always asks if she can have friends stay the night since the boys have friends over. Actually Chase hasn’t invited anyone yet, but Blake and Andrew have friends overnight all the time. They looked so sweet laying in Karli’s bed. I mean, her mattress on the floor because I have yet to find a bed that I like.

Sleeping cousins

Karli and Emma play together so well. They were playing in the backyard and as they were walking around they were holding hands. It was adorable. The only bad thing about Emma coming over is the girls totally trash Karli’s bedroom every single time!

Playing with everything, literally

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