Thoughts on Thursday

Every night this week I have laid in bed thinking about all the things I should have blogged about that day. This happens every spring where I get so busy I can’t find five minutes in the day to simply clear my head and turn my thoughts into words. I brought my laptop up to bed tonight and figured this would be one sure fire way to make it happen.

Today I had the joy of picking Chase up from school because he claimed he was sick around 10am. He said his ear and throat hurt. I couldn’t recall him ever going to the nurse at school before so I believed him and picked him up. In the car he told me he was not that bad, just his throat hurt and he was really tired and hungry. I made him some chicken noodle soup and he laid down for all of 10 seconds. Karli was still home (she is in afternoon Kindergarten) and somehow while I was working they went through the back service door of the garage with their bikes and starting riding around in our cul-de-sac. How smart of them to not open the overhead garage door because I would have heard it immediately or the dogs would have started barking. I made them come in right away of course! Little stinkers! I did end up taking Chase with me to the store and he wasn’t sick at all! Andrew had batting practice at the park today and I took Chase and Karli with me and they brought their bikes. I walked and they biked 3 miles in addition to the 20 minutes I tried to help Karli ride a bike without training wheels. That sure wears me out! Chase just learned to ride his bike without training wheels a couple of weeks ago. I know, crazy, he will be 8 in November and this is the kid that does a perfect cartwheel, back handspring, front flip,etc… but he couldn’t get past the fear of riding his bike without training wheels. One day Ken made me a bet that if I could get help him ride it without training wheels he would watch Twilight and New Moon with me. You betcha that I didn’t stop until he was able to go around a full circle around our cul-de-sac without stopping. So far he has watched Twilight and he didn’t have much to say about it except he couldn’t believe Edward didn’t just let Bella turn into a vampire. LOL!

Oh my gosh, this is why I don’t blog every day because I write way to much about the smallest things. I am not even done with today yet.

After baseball I cleaned up the garage a little bit and set aside some stuff that needs to be tossed or sold at my mom’s garage sale. Did I ever mention how much it bugs me that my Yukon sits outside because there isn’t enough room in the garage for the kids to get their bikes in and out without hitting Ken’s precious Camaro? Did I mention how my car cost twice as much? Doesn’t matter, sports cars get the garage I guess. I haven’t had a car of mine sit outside since I lived with my parents when I was 21 years old. What is up with that? Once summer is over I will be able to park in there again, but that doesn’t help me for the days when I burn my rear end from my black car sitting out in the sun all day. All the more reason for me to take the Camaro on nice sunny days! Oh and we have orange street cones in our garage to show the kids where to NOT walk by with their backpacks or ride by with their bicycles. Actually I think it’s pretty nifty, but I still like to make fun of Ken whenever I can.

More tomorrow…

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  • Reply Terra April 25, 2010 at 7:57 am

    I would so make fun of Ken too! And, Hailey is trying to ride without her training wheels too…she wants so bad to be a big girl.

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