Missing Money

Andrew, my 13 year old, got tons of money for his birthday back in October. He spent some of it, but he was treasuring the hundred dollar bill that my parents gave him. Today while making his Christmas list he found something that he wanted to spend his birthday money on. These Under Armour athletic shoes which I think are ugly, but it’s his money and his feet. I told him I had no problem buying them with my credit card, but I wanted the money from him today. He went to the spot where he thought he hid his money and it was gone. We must have searched this house for 2 hours looking for the money. I also threatened the other kids with a phone call to Santa to ask him if he seen any of them touching Andrew’s money. Cause, you know, Santa sees everything. They all said they didn’t touch it. We searched their rooms too, just in case. I can’t believe he lost $100. I am sure it will show up, but who knows when. I can tell you though, it is taking everything out of me to not just buy the shoes for him. But he is 13 and we are trying to teach him responsibility.

It reminds me though of one year when I was cleaning my kitchen junk drawer sometime in the Spring and I found the Christmas card that Ken’s parents gave us with a $100 bill in it. I couldn’t believe that we forgot about it! I would like to open a drawer and find a few of those laying around. Ha!

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