The little things

This work week was super busy and we accomplished a lot. We wrapped up the week by taking some time off Friday afternoon. Ken worked a little in the morning and I did some stuff around the house. We dropped Karli off at school at 12:45 and then headed out to lunch. I love that we are able to spend time with one another like that. Life goes by so quickly and we are always so wrapped up in our kids activities that we sometimes forget to make time for one another. You don’t realize how nice it is to be able to carry on a conversation without being interrupted. Some may think that we spend all this one on one quality time with each other since we work together, but really we are both usually in work mode from the time that Karli leaves until they kids get home at 4 o’clock. Not that we don’t ever have mandatory meetings upstairs…lol.

Before going home we stopped at a store and finally bought knobs for our kitchen cabinets. Why are knobs so darn expensive? All they are is a little hunk of metal. Our kitchen is almost done so I will be sharing pictures very soon. Ken finished up the backsplash tile like a week ago, but we had to order caulk for the space in between the tile and the granite. No one carried the color that we needed. Next I am ordering blinds and some curtains for our sliding glass doors. The only thing left is to put some trim along the top of our cabinets to try to make the cabinets look a little less plain. Sorry it is taking me so long to share pictures, I guess I am really picky about sharing them before things are officially completed. I am almost done with the photos of our great room…those will be up in a couple of days.

No baseball last night so we hung out and the kids played outside for awhile. I gave Tori a quick trim around her face. I don’t really leave her hair like a typical Yorkie, I like to keep it shorter. She is my baby girl…still as lovable and cuddly as ever.

My baby girl Tori

I also found these on my camera…Chase taking pictures of himself!


Chase - taking pics of himself

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