So Small

How in the world did Ken and I have such tiny kids? We were both skinny bean poles as children, but my kids are the smallest little munchkins. Chase and Karli both had doctor check-ups on Tuesday. I wanted to squeeze out one last preventative medicine check before our new insurance becomes effective. While we were in the waiting room another mom had asked Chase if him and his sister were twins. That happens a lot considering they do look a bit a like and they are just about the same size.

Chase has been growing consistently so there is no reason for alarm. He is 40 inches tall and weighs 32 pounds. That puts him at 3 percentile for weight and 10 percentile for height. Chase is going to be 6 in 6 months! Imagine your child when he or she weighed 32 pounds and that is how big Chase is at almost 6 years old! Crazy!! Honestly, I don’t really take these growth charts as meaning anything important, I’m just sharing what the doctor told me. Of course the doctors will say that chances are Chase will be small his entire life, but I have seen this happen before where all of a sudden the kid hits a growth spurt and ends up near 6 foot tall. Karli is 38 inches tall and weighs 30 pounds. That puts her at 10 percentile for weight and 30 percentile for height. I swear my kids eat, they are just so darn active and are growing slowly I guess! I have to admit that having tiny kids is better than having chunky chunkeroos. I would rather have to worry about them eating enough than eating too much.

Ironically, as we passed back through the waiting room on our way out the door we did see twin boys about 4 years old dressed exactly the same from top to bottom. Chase pointed them out and then he said, “What if you dressed Karli and me the same mom!? That would be so funny and confusing”! The boy is too smart sometimes.

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