Growing like weeds

When did this happen? Proof of how time flies. Love Andrew’s buzz cut, his souvenir from going to football camp over the summer- a buzz cut for his school picture! It’s tradition for all of the football players to shave their heads at camp. I can’t say that I like Andrew’s hair that short either. He looks like he wants to kill someone. And let’s not even get into how Andrew wore the same shirt for school photos this year as last year. It seems like he wants everyone to be clear that he is an American. All the kids look so old. And who agrees that if Karli and Chase could easily pass for twins? I tell Karli all the time if she chopped her hair off she would look exactly like Chase.

Andrew - 17 years old Blake - 12 years old

Chase - 10 years old Karli - 8 years old

I also never shared these photos from the football season. January appears to be the month of organization for me, literally. So don’t mind me while I catch up on some posts. I love Chase in his football photo, what a little stud.

Andrew Blake

Chase Karli

(Sports Photos taken by GSK Creations)

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