Good Mom/Bad Mom

Chase had a zoo field trip the other day and I volunteered to chaperone like a good little mother. He had a blast until he seen this rubber snake that he insisted on buying and I wouldn’t let him. I didn’t think it was fair for him to buy something when the other two boys that I had in my group didn’t have money to buy anything. I told him that next time that we came to the zoo he could buy something and he wasn’t liking that answer too much. This is what happens when your kids are spoiled, yes I know this, you don’t have to tell me. It turned out to be a beautiful day. 70 degrees, perfect breeze. It was a nice break from work. Of course Ken took a break from work too since he had Karli at home and he can’t work and watch her. Although I do it EVERY DAY. Hmmm…?

Click on this photo to view all the pictures from the set. I have notes on them this time too…something I usually don’t do.


Not that this really makes me a bad mother, but it sure makes me feel horrible. Yesterday right before dinner I had told Chase, Karli, and Blake to clean up the family room. They had pillows all over the ground, games out, the usual. They always seem to start fighting when it is time to clean up. Blake was picking up Chase and dropping him on the pillows. I yelled at them and then had turned to finish entering some receipts on my computer. Within seconds of sitting down Karli ran into the den. I honestly can’t remember if she made a sound or cried or what. I just remember her face looking very empty, is the best word I can think of to describe it and I immediately picked her up. Her body went limp right in my arms. Her head fell forward. I tilted her head back so I could see her face as I was yelling, “what happened! Tell mommy what is wrong!”. Her eyes were flickering open and shut. I started screaming for Ken and he raced upstairs. He first looked to see if she had something lodged in her throat and by then he was laying her on the ground and yelling her name. She was breathing by then, but she looked sort of spaced out. All of that probably happened within 1 minute. She was fine and talking normally within another few seconds. Her pulse seemed normal also. O.M.G. Talk about scary. I was about to call 911 when she started mumbling. We got her some water and she tried to tell us what happened. Of course the boys didn’t want to spill what happened because they realized there was going to be major punishment involved. First Karli said that Blake jumped on her and then she said that Chase did it. Blake went from not knowing what happened at all to saying that he might have accidentally sat down on her while she was in the chair. None of it makes sense and I am upset that we still haven’t gotten to the bottom of what really took place. Chase denies everything, Blake’s story keeps changing and Karli goes with whatever the boys say. Regardless of what happened someone obviously hurt her. We gave the boys a huge lecture on stopping the wrestling and jumping around like animals. They were told how important it is to tell the truth when something like this happens because it could be a matter of life or death when trying to see what is wrong with whomever is hurt. I think we scared the crap out of them as much as Karli scared the crap out of us. I read that sometimes a child at her age will pass out when they are in extreme pain or are very scared. I am thinking it was either that or she got the wind knocked out of her. You know how you keep playing a bad accident or something traumatic over and over in your head? I can’t stop seeing Karli’s body go limp in my arms. Thank you God for taking care of our precious baby girl.

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    Is Karli ok

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