Welcome to Memory Lane

Andrew – 7, Blake – 2, If only they were this nice to each other now.

Rather than write about what’s been happening in my world lately (which has been full of basically work and baseball), I thought I would take a trip down memory lane. Starting back when I got my first digital camera in 2002, right before Chase was born. I picked out 24 of my favorite pictures from 2003 which includes a couple of pics from November of 2002 when Chase was born.

Baby Chase
At the hospital two days after Chase was born.

Family of 5 first photo
Ken and I look so much younger…and the boys are so little.

My first digital camera
Me and my first digital camera, a Sony.

Chase helping mommy do laundry. One of my all time favorite photos.

Easter Egg Face
Easter Egg face Blake. Everyone should do this with their kids at least once, it was so much fun!

The Boys
The boys…any pictures with all the kids are priceless. Now trying to get them to smile all at the same time is impossible.

Blake with his favorite buds
Blake with his favorite stuffed animals. 5 years later… he still has the dog and bunny in his bed with him.

Andrew at Baseball
This photo is so special because it was Andrew’s (on the right) first year playing baseball (not counting T-ball). 5 years later he is such a great baseball player. Just Tuesday he made 2 home runs and was awesome at pitching. He is trying out for the All Star team, I hope he makes it.

The Boys
Another favorite of the boys. Could Blake look anymore like Ken here?

Blake's 3rd Birthday
My all time favorite photo of Blake by himself. ADORABLE!!! Of course I am his mommy, but still. Tell me it isn’t cute!

An old family tradition to go down by the river and watch fireworks for the 4th of July.

Milk Face
Chase was laying in his stroller and shook his bottle all over the place. Milk was everywhere, including his face. We should have known back then that he was going to be nothing but trouble.

Chase in an ice cream bucket
Chase has always been super tiny… 8 months old and he can sit in an ice cream bucket.

The Fam with Scooby
Family Day at an amusement park. Chase stayed home with grandma and grandpa.

Diaper Boys
Naked babies.

Gazing Chase
One of favs of Chase. Sweet Innocence.

Happy Chase
Trouble with a capital T.

Andrew & Blake
Hay you.

Upset Blake
Blake’s first time playing a sport (soccer). Here he is complaining that no one will share the ball with him.

The boys
Cuddling in pj’s…nothing better than that.

Chase's First Birthday
Chase’s 1st Birthday, you could say he loved his cake.

Chase's First Birthday
Mommy and her little boys.

My hot husband
My husband at his 30th surprise birthday party.

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