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Mother’s Day recap

My Mother’s Day weekend started out with sleeping in a bit and then we all headed off to Blake and Chase’s double header baseball game. After freezing out in the 50 degree weather for 2 1/2 hours we went out to lunch. When we came home Andrew and I worked on his History project that was due on Monday. He claimed he worked on it during the week, but the work he had done was very minimal. We ended up working on the project for 5 hours. By 11pm we were both so tired off looking stuff up on the internet we couldn’t stop giggling over the most stupid stuff. For example, the fact that I couldn’t seem to spell Saudi Arabia correctly.

On Mother’s Day we went to church and when we got home Andrew and I had to finish his history project. I sort of did a bad thing and took over the painting of the project. 13 year old kids are not very neat with painting, especially non – artistic ones like Andrew. The kid is smart, but lacks any kind of art skills. I have never been artistic either, like I stink at drawing. Though I can paint decent enough. (There are a couple of other pics of the project at Flickr.) The center 3D part is made of homemade clay and the rest is made with felt.

Andrew's History Project

Later in the afternoon my parents came over and we celebrated my mom’s birthday along with Mother’s Day.

My mom's Birthday

The kids (except for Andrew) showered me with homemade gifts. Poems and cards and handmade photo frames. Everything was so cute and sweet! My darling dear husband actually bought a Kindle 2 for me! I absolutely love it. I was so hesitant at first because I do love books. So much that I have to avoid walking into bookstores as much as possible. I visit the library quite frequently. Well not anymore! For anyone who has no clue what a Kindle is, check them out at Amazon. It is a digital book, but it is even better than I imagined. The screen does not look at all like a computer screen. There is absolutely no glare. The screen looks like the words are typed onto the screen. You are able to read it out in the sun too unlike a computer screen. I have already downloaded 18 books! Of course the entire Twilight Series, including the unpublished Midnight Sun. It is the Twilight book rewritten from Edward’s point of view instead of Bella’s. Sadly it is only half the book, but it is still worth reading. I am almost finished with it. I am not sure what I am going to read next. I will probably get back to the Vampire Academy series. The kids and Ken also got me a really nice red leather cover for the Kindle and also a light that I can attach to it so I can read at night. I have been reading so much more especially because one of my favorite times to read is during my lunch break and it is easier to not have to hold the book open! Want to eat soup while reading? No problem with the Kindle! The screen has many screen savers such as this one shown below. They look like hand drawn pictures.

Kindle 2

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