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Happy Halloweenie!

I feel behind on so many things these week, but no time to fuss. Halloween is today and unfortunately I can’t postpone that or I probably would. I bought Chase’s Robin (from Batman and Robin) costume off Ebay and it was way too big. I was sewing that last night, at the last minute. We carved pumpkins last night too. We didn’t even make it to the pumpkin farm until Wednesday night and even then Andrew couldn’t go because he had football practice.

I am headed to Karli’s preschool Halloween party in about 30 minutes. Then around 2pm I am headed to the boys elementary school for their parties. I am actually the party planner/organizer for Chase’s class. I am not on the PTA… this is the closest I get to helping out the school. Blake was giving me a hard time for not volunteering for his party. I told him that I signed up to help his class for Christmas. He thought that was stupid and that I should have picked him for Halloween. Man, these kids are great at guilt trips. Next year will be even worse with Karli in Kindergarten (hopefully all day!), Chase in First, and Blake in Fourth. I won’t be able to be in 3 places at once. Poor kids, yes, they are so neglected.

Thank goodness I am done with this crap with Andrew. He said some kids were dressing up at his school and there is or was a dance or some sort, but he wasn’t interested in either. He hasn’t had time to breathe here lately. He is either doing homework or at football. I know he can’t wait until next week where he can focus on school and his friends more. He went on Monday to try out for basketball because his friends and Ken talked him into giving it a shot. He has never played on a basketball team in his life. Ken thought it would be great for him to stay in shape during the winter. He was not happy when he heard practice is 5 days a week after school with games on Tuesday or Thursday. He doesn’t want that big of commitment right now. School is killing him. He is in the hardest group of teachers and the homework is 2 – 3 hours every night. He said he didn’t do real well the first day of tryout so he decided not to show up the next day. Ken wasn’t thrilled because you know we don’t raise quitters in this house. Andrew said since he didn’t really want to be on the team anyways, why waste the time, and I agreed. Come to find it out they were going to pick him for the team! His friends said they seen the list and his name was on it apparently. There were about 50 kids trying out and they were choosing 24 to make two teams of 12. That is a lot of kids sitting the bench though with only 5 kids playing at a time. But what do I know!? Anyways I was proud of him for sort of making it and giving it a try. I agree though, school is first, sports second.

Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone!

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