Clearing out the playroom

This week I have been busy trying to get together garage sale stuff for this weekend. We are having a sale at my mom’s house. I don’t have a whole lot to get rid of, but enough to make it worth while.

Every year I seem to find more and more toys to clear out of the playroom in the basement. The kids rarely play with anything anymore except for board games every once in awhile, puzzles, and Legos. I still hung onto all their Matchbox cars, Rescue Heroes and all their Fisher Price Little People sets even though no one plays with them. We have so many of them (Little People sets), so I think I am going to hang onto them for our grandkids.

Believe it or not we are actually hanging onto quite a bit for our future grandkids. Is that strange? The crib that all 4 kids used is still in excellent condition and that is packed away in our attic. We will keep it so our kids have a crib at our house for when we babysit or they are visiting. I also kept my wooden high chair and a rocking horse from Pottery Barn. We have also saved several talking dolls, like the Sleep and Snore Elmo and the very first talking Barney. Maybe they will be worth money some day? Anyways, it is sort of bittersweet, slowly clearing out our playroom. The younger kids seemed to grow out of toys so much quicker since they tend the play with the same things as the older kids. Karli has all of her girly toys like her play kitchen, baby dolls, and Pet Shop toys all in her bedroom. She has the largest bedroom and can keep her stuff separate.

I am also parting with my double stroller since we don’t use that anymore. I still have Karli’s princess toddler bed to sell too. Back when we first decided to part with it I changed my mind because I couldn’t decide what kind of bed to get her. I still can’t decide, but she has outgrown it and it is time to let it go. She has been sleeping on a twin mattress that is laying on her floor for a couple of weeks now and she thinks it is the coolest thing. We went furniture shopping once and had no luck. She is excited about going out shopping for her new bed. Along with Andrew who is 5’6″ and still sleeping in a twin bed. I hate to get him a full size bed because his room is only 11 x 12, but he doesn’t care. I wish we could move into a house with bigger bedrooms, but that is a whole nother post!

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