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Christmas vacation started early

The kids had their second snow day (no school) this week today. Christmas Vacation has officially started. Yo.

Yesterday I spent the later part of the day making 4 different kinds of cookies to make treat bags for the kids teachers along with their gifts. A waste. I also had to send in cut-out cookies, non-frosted, with a container of frosting for Chase’s class. A waste. I guess I will let the kids decorate them instead. I suppose I can’t complain. Andrew studied all night for a history test that now will not take place until next year. Did I mention he got all A’s on his grade card? Remember how I was worried about him getting the hardest history teacher in the entire school? He pulled off an A!! How cool is that?

I uploaded some new photos at Flickr today. Figured I better get them posted before Christmas is here. Just some pics from Chase’s birthday and miscellaneous. Well gotta run… Ken and I are going to watch The Love Guru, while the kids are all occupied doing their own thing. It’s one of those movies that I really don’t care to watch, but will watch anyways just to be able to say I have seen it.

Thanksgiving Day at my aunt's house

Chase's 6th Birthday party

We are celebrating Christmas with my mom, dad, niece Emma and her dad on Sunday. Tomorrow I will have to clean my house a little bit, but other than that we are ready to go! Everything bought and wrapped. We will do our Christmas (where Santa comes) on Christmas Eve because Andrew goes to his dad’s this year for Christmas Day. So then on Christmas Day all we will have to do is go to Ken’s brothers house. They moved closer, so they are having it at their house this year since we have had it the past 7 years. Excited that I don’t have to cook! Just bringing lots and lots of cookies now that I have them left over!

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