#365dog – Week 17

Day 112
I decided to take over Blake’s Kindle Fire since he hasn’t used it since he got an iPhone. Now I can read free books through Amazon Prime. First one I’m reading is Hidden by Catherine McKenzie.

Day 113
Shaggy doesn’t want us to change the TV channel. Must be a good program he’s watching.

Day 114
After 5 years of trading in my first Acadia…I got one again. Loved it the first time and should have kept it. I was stupid and had a Yukon for two years (too expensive when I only drive about 7,000 miles a year) and then went back to a minivan for a couple of years and got bored. So back to an Acadia, love it!!

Day 115
Beautiful day for baseball. This will be my life for the next 2 months or so.

Day 116
Buzz cuts
Teddy Bears!! The pups got buzz cuts like they do every spring. I love them like this, fuzzy wuzzy bears.

Day 117
Four Friends
Next up on my reading list, Four Friends by Robyn Carr. It was a great book about 4 women that went through various troubles with the men in their lives.

Day 118
First Day in Las Vegas…. WINNING!!!

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