Young Love

My oldest son Andrew will be a teenager this year. The big 1-3! I was talking to my best friend from high school on the phone today and she was saying how she can’t believe I have 4 kids, let alone a son that is about be to be teenager. It is crazy, although for some reason I am excited about having a teenager. Junior high school, new clubs and activities, bigger school projects, GIRLS! This momma is ready!

So far Andrew hasn’t been that much into girls. Last year he liked this girl for the entire year but he never told her. Whenever I was at the school I would see her talk to Andrew and I could see that she liked him. I told him as much and he would just deny it and act all shy about it. I thought it was totally adorable and honestly I have enjoyed the innocence of the whole thing. Only a couple of his friends are girl crazy and the rest of them don’t really care one way or the other if they have a girl that they like. I’ve always told myself to enjoy it while it lasts.

Earlier this week Andrew told me that “C” is his girlfriend now. He has liked C since the beginning of the year when she was introduced to the class as a new student this year. Apparently Andrew’s friends had asked her in the past if she liked him and she said no, until now. So what changed? Well not that I am going to tell him what is happening, but let’s look at the situation shall we?

On Valentine’s Day he brought home this big chocolate Hersey kiss from another girl, “K” that wanted to be his girlfriend. It had a note attached that said –

I am sorry that C and J asked you if you liked me. I didn’t tell them to. I hope we are still friends, Love K

(Yes, this is the same C as mentioned previously)

I actually got a little chocked up reading it. For one my son is growing up and turning out to be such a good looking young boy and two, it brought back memories of being a young girl and having a crush on a boy that I knew would never like me. I think every girl has had a boy like that in their lives. I asked Andrew why he doesn’t like K and he said that he thinks she is super nice but he only likes her as a friend and there is no point in leading her on. He said those words- leading her on. Holy smokes, this kid is smarter than I thought. I have to comment that K is a girl that I have thought was totally adorable since they were in Kindergarten. Her parents are very good looking, upper class, genuinely nice people. I couldn’t help but be proud that this girl likes Andrew, hehe. I actually said to Andrew, “But K is so nice”!! But then I had to hurry and add, “Not that I think you need a girlfriend, having a girlfriend at your age is silly”. He had said, “You know I like C mom”. Okay, okay, fine.

Just a few days after Valentine’s Day guess who decides she wants to be Andrew’s girlfriend now? C, who happens to be K’s best friend. The same C who already said she only liked Andrew as a friend. But of course what better way to look cool than to steal your best friend’s crush.

Let the drama begin.

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