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November is…

November is the month of exciting things!!

November 6th – The UP by Jawbone wristband goes on sale. I am all for any new type of electronic gadget and one that can sync with my iPhone and tell me when it’s time to get off my rear and go do something, sounds perfect to me. I’ll share all the details with you once I get one next week. I love new toys!

November 8th – Just in time for the approaching winter weather! Ken and I have already pre-ordered our Elite copies. We will get all the new maps and some extra downloadable content for no extra cost. Well really you pay for it up front, but supposedly it’s cheaper this way. I will be taking the 8th off work and getting my game on!

November 18th – I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this movie. The other day I read that the highly anticipated sex scene was reshot due to it exceeding the guidelines for a PG-13 movie. I can’t believe that, I mean come on…like the directors didn’t know this when they were filming it. I am trying really really hard to stop analyzing how far into the book will the first movie go. My guess is right before Bella gives birth. Which would also be right before Bella turns into a vampire. What do you think? I can’t believe we will have to wait an entire year to see part 2. Then again once it’s over what will I daydream about?

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No laptop = No work

My laptop screen shattered inside…the LCD panel I think it is. I have a Dell for my work laptop and its not even a year old. Dell tried to argue with Ken and say that it wasn’t covered under the warranty and it was going to cost $350 to fix. Then they said $250. Finally they agreed to cover the cost. I’m telling you take my advice…don’t give into Dell if you have a warranty!

This is my laptop:
Broken laptop screen

My stress level has been really high lately as it is. I haven’t been able to shrug things off as easily as usual. Then this happens and I am just all kinds of freaking out. So much of what I do every day is on my laptop. Our business database. My checking account register. My accounting software for both of our businesses. Ugh. I back up my files pretty regularly, but not often enough. Thank goodness for small miracles because if I wasn’t able to hookup my laptop to my family room TV right now to move everything to our external hard drive I would probably be crying right now.

Yay, it works on my TV!
Thankfully I can hook it up to TV to back up files

The box to ship my laptop to Dell won’t be here until Friday most likely so I will probably be able to work tomorrow and for a bit on Friday. Dell told Ken it could take up to 15 business days, but the email I received said it shouldn’t take more than a week.

I am already thinking about the stuff that I could be doing next week. Hopefully it will be sunny out and I can sunbathe. Maybe go get a massage. Read some books on my iPad. Maybe I will work on those videos I’ve been meaning to make. Some scrap booking. Get some liposuction. Trip to the casino. Get a tattoo. Okay…I got carried away there for a bit.

Should be an interesting week next week!

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App addict, snow, and my girl crush

I am officially an iPhone App addict. By far the best feature of the iPhone, that the iPad is lacking, is the camera. Word is the second generation iPad will have a camera, but I just can’t imagine standing there trying to position the iPad correctly to take a photo. My iPhone camera is getting lots of use and so is my iTunes account as I keep downloading several different camera applications. The photos I take sort of document what has been going on throughout the week, so let’s review…

I gave two of the dogs haircuts, or what Ken calls chop jobs.
Tori before haircut After her buzz cut Next up Shaggy! Shaggy...less shaggy

We got tickets to go see 30 Seconds to Mars in Concert!! I am not a big rocker girl. I am more excited about seeing Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block in June. But Ken and I love going to concerts and there are a few of their songs that we play a lot. I play The Kill and From Yesterday the most. Nevermind that Jared Leto is SO HOT! Like I love Coldplay because Chris Martin has an amazing voice, but he is nothing to look at (sorry Gwyneth Paltrow). Now Jared on the other hand has the voice and the looks ;p PLUS he writes his own songs. I’m sorry, I’m a sucker for someone that can actually write their own music. He is also an actor, remember him in Panic Room?
Going to see 30 Seconds to Mars in April

While we are on the topic of music. Did you watch The Grammy’s last Sunday? Did you catch Eminem’s performance? Thank goodness for DVR because I have only watched it a half dozen more times. I was drawn in by the mystery girl that sang with Eminem and Dr Dre. I was on my latop immediately searching WHO IS THIS GIRL?? Found out she is…Skylar Grey and also my new girl crush. Check out her facebook page for pictures, but something about her…her voice, her way of being gorgeous one minute and then grungy the next. She is going to be the next big thing…you watch. She is currently working on a solo album. Oh! And she is the female voice in Coming Home by Diddy-Dirty Money and also Words I Never Said by Lupe Fiasco. You can bet those songs are on my iPhone and played daily as well.

Last week the kids were playing outside in sweatshirts enjoying the warmer weather while all the snow melted away. Good thing we didn’t pack away their winter coats and boots because we got dumped on again! So done with this white stuff! The snow was followed by rain and everything is an icy mess today. I have to say I am thankful we didn’t have any damage like so many others.
Just when we thought winter was over Lonely Leaf Frozen

Yesterday I braided Karli’s hair because she wanted to have curly hair like her friend Victoria. I only left the braids in for a couple of hours to see how it would turn out. We might try it out again tonight for school tomorrow. IF there is school tomorrow. I hear more snow is on the way, ugh!
Curly Curls


Happy Lovers Day!

Flowers from my love…
Roses from my love

I’ve been keeping busy playing around with my new iPhone and I am loving some of these apps that I can utilize on my iPhone (because the iPad doesn’t have a camera). I love the Instagram app which allows you to take photos and then apply different filters to change the look of the photo. There is also another one called 100 cameras in 1 which is the same thing but with tons more filters! Best part, both of these apps are free!

I think the best calendar app is Pocket Informant. It’s kind of pricey, but I think it’s worth it. You can sync the calendar with Google calendar, which I never used before, but started using to when I discovered Pocket Informant.

Well I swear I was going to write about something else, but I got sidetracked…and now I can’t remember!

Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day everyone!



Even though I said I wasn’t going to get the iPhone since I have an iPad, I got the iPhone! It was my early Valentine’s Day present. I’ve been stalking the internet for years waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon- how could I NOT? Plus the kids are always playing my iPad, except at night when I charge it and use it for reading. Most of the apps are transferable between the two. There are some iPad apps that are HD and are made specifically for the iPad though. I ordered a case that snaps just on the back which I am not sure if I will use all the time or not. I TOTALLY LOVE IT!! I haven’t had any problems with it, the connection is perfect too!

Happy V-day~~~~ iPhone :)




Tomorrow is the release of the fabulous Apple iPad. Let me start by saying I want one. Period. My reasons for wanting one….well I don’t really have any good reasons. I love new gadgets and this gorgeous looking piece of technology will certainly provide hours and hours of fun and usefulness. I use an iPod Nano for listening to music. For reading books I use a Kindle that I got last year for Mother’s Day. I totally love my Kindle, I couldn’t think of one negative thing about it. I have a Dell laptop that I use for work and couch-computer use. My desk (where I work) also has our family Mac computer which I sometimes use for browsing and also watching all sorts of entertainment while I work. As you can see I don’t really need an iPad, but doesn’t it look and sound super cool? So small and compact!

I think it would be neat to be able to utilize and basically play around with some of the Apple Apps. The touch screen seems pretty sweet. The photo gallery functions are unbelievable, but I don’t see myself putting photos on it. The idea of downloading movies and letting Karli watch them once in awhile at baseball games sound neat, but then again I probably wouldn’t let her touch it when we are outdoors sitting on bleachers. Maybe we could use it together, play checkers or I could teach her to play Solitaire or something. I am a Texas Holdem addict but the iPad doesn’t utilize Flash so most online games won’t be functional. I know there are Apps for Texas Holdem, but that doesn’t help me increase my bank for my Facebook Texas Holdem account. Haha! I have heard that most websites like are scampering about to make their websites run on the iPad. The iPad runs off the same software as the iPhone. Which also brings up another topic on how there are rumors that Apple may be releasing an iPhone to Verizon customers sometime this summer or early fall. If that is the case, the iPhone would be my first choice. Maybe.

I’ve read that there is a program available so I could transfer my Kindle downloaded books to the iPad. I would then sell my Kindle which is in perfect condition with 30+ books on it already. I don’t think you are suppose to sell the Kindle with books already on it, but I see others doing it on Ebay.

If I do decide to get the iPad I plan on waiting for the WiFi-3G version which isn’t going to be released until the end of this month and in perfect time for a Mothers Day gift. (I swear I get better Mothers Day gifts than birthday presents most of the time!) It would cost me the same amount to have 3G connection through AT&T for the iPad as it does for my monthly fee for web and email for my Blackberry, which I would cancel. I don’t use it that often anyways.

In a way I keep thinking that I might want to wait until Version 2 of the iPad comes out because I bet there will be a lot of revisions made. Like I can’t believe it doesn’t have a camera, especially since it runs like the iPhone. I’ve read many different articles online to see what other people think of the iPad.

– Here is a recent one from MSNBC.

– A great review from Engadget with a pretty detailed video as well. Other linked articles from the same site here.

Cnet Review

Basically it comes down to whether or not I really need a new $650 toy. Ken told me if I close a job I can buy whatever I want as a little treat for myself so maybe I can use that as my deciding factor. If I don’t close one, I don’t need it.


55 of 365 – It’s an iMac baby!

55 of 365 - It's a iMac baby!

Finally…my package that I have been Twittering about like crazy arrived. Actually it arrived yesterday, but since then I have been playing around with it and trying to get our home network set back up. It HATE networks with a passion. Things are never easy peasy. I am still only about 75% done having everything set up correctly and that doesn’t include moving most of my files over to the iMac. I plan to finish up this weekend. I have to work these next few days… I am so behind now!

We had been contemplating getting a Mac for over a year now. When I got my last Dell laptop in September of 07′ we debated getting a Mac, but decided to wait. We had a hard time deciding what to get first. The main priority for me was to get a bigger screen. Recently I have been hunching over my desk to work on my laptop and after several hours of nonstop work my back and neck were killing me. We went to the Apple store in Ann Arbor, MI a couple of weekends ago and we almost came home with a MacBook Pro with a separate wide screen. Ken had a slight problem with that because he is the one due for a new laptop, not me. He has issues with his all the time. Outlook is constantly locking up on him and shutting down, Windows searches for solutions, restarts…if you have a PC, you know what I mean. I was throwing a fit though because I use my laptop way more than he does. Sure he works on his, but I am on mine for more than just work. Plus I actually use my laptop throughout other rooms in the house, where as he would be fine with a desktop computer. We left the store with nothing… it was too much pressure to decide on the spot what to buy.

Later on at home, we each built the MacBook that we wanted along with the separate 24 inch wide screen and keyboard to use during work hours and it was a bit more than we wanted to spend right now. I had solved that problem by saying, let’s just wait until we get the money from “such and such job” and he agreed. Three days later Ken changed his mind and we were online buying a new desktop computer to replace the “family computer” that sits on our office desk. The Dell that was there before was 8 years old and moves as slow as molasses. I never used it. This is the computer that we just bought the new 19 inch wide screen for. The kids are the only ones that play on the computer…Webkinz, Poptropica, NickJr, math games, etc. We moved the old Dell with their new screen over to a little kids sized table in den. It will be nice because Karli will be able to play on the computer now while I am working. Before she would bug me to get on the computer while I am working during the day and there simply isn’t enough room for her at my desk. Now she can play away and I will be nearby to help her if needed.

Ken’s logic behind this decision was practical. The desktop Dell was the oldest computer in the house. This way also allows us to get used to using a Mac before transferring all of our work onto a Mac. We need to find a new program other than Act by Sage for our client management program. Anyone know of a good Mac program for managing contacts & a calendar? Ask your husbands too…maybe they use something at work? I would love some advice on this before I pay for a program I hate.

So while I loved Ken’s logic… I totally hit the jackpot…right? I mean I get to have the new Mac at my desk and play with it all I want. I am going to use it for everything but my work stuff. I can watch movies while I work, listen to my music files, blog hop (LOL), and whatever else I want. The 24 inch screen is almost too big, but I am getting used to it. I thought the ones that were on display at the stores were 24 inch and here they were 20 inch! The 20 inch would have been plenty big enough. Oh well!

Ken will be the next one to get a Mac. We we then move all of our business stuff to the Mac computers. Then as long as one of us has a Mac laptop we should be fine. We don’t really need two. We basically need one for when we are on vacation or out of town for any reason. Whenever I decide I need to work on a laptop, say on the weekend while I am hanging out in the living room or whatever, I can always use his.

Isn’t it beautiful?!


49 of 365

We finally replaced our gigantic 7 year old Dell monitor with a flat screen. It is a 19 inch screen that we bought from Office Max for $100 and I had a $10 off coupon! It’s an off brand – AOC – but it looks amazing!
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