Tomorrow is the release of the fabulous Apple iPad. Let me start by saying I want one. Period. My reasons for wanting one….well I don’t really have any good reasons. I love new gadgets and this gorgeous looking piece of technology will certainly provide hours and hours of fun and usefulness. I use an iPod Nano for listening to music. For reading books I use a Kindle that I got last year for Mother’s Day. I totally love my Kindle, I couldn’t think of one negative thing about it. I have a Dell laptop that I use for work and couch-computer use. My desk (where I work) also has our family Mac computer which I sometimes use for browsing and also watching all sorts of entertainment while I work. As you can see I don’t really need an iPad, but doesn’t it look and sound super cool? So small and compact!

I think it would be neat to be able to utilize and basically play around with some of the Apple Apps. The touch screen seems pretty sweet. The photo gallery functions are unbelievable, but I don’t see myself putting photos on it. The idea of downloading movies and letting Karli watch them once in awhile at baseball games sound neat, but then again I probably wouldn’t let her touch it when we are outdoors sitting on bleachers. Maybe we could use it together, play checkers or I could teach her to play Solitaire or something. I am a Texas Holdem addict but the iPad doesn’t utilize Flash so most online games won’t be functional. I know there are Apps for Texas Holdem, but that doesn’t help me increase my bank for my Facebook Texas Holdem account. Haha! I have heard that most websites like are scampering about to make their websites run on the iPad. The iPad runs off the same software as the iPhone. Which also brings up another topic on how there are rumors that Apple may be releasing an iPhone to Verizon customers sometime this summer or early fall. If that is the case, the iPhone would be my first choice. Maybe.

I’ve read that there is a program available so I could transfer my Kindle downloaded books to the iPad. I would then sell my Kindle which is in perfect condition with 30+ books on it already. I don’t think you are suppose to sell the Kindle with books already on it, but I see others doing it on Ebay.

If I do decide to get the iPad I plan on waiting for the WiFi-3G version which isn’t going to be released until the end of this month and in perfect time for a Mothers Day gift. (I swear I get better Mothers Day gifts than birthday presents most of the time!) It would cost me the same amount to have 3G connection through AT&T for the iPad as it does for my monthly fee for web and email for my Blackberry, which I would cancel. I don’t use it that often anyways.

In a way I keep thinking that I might want to wait until Version 2 of the iPad comes out because I bet there will be a lot of revisions made. Like I can’t believe it doesn’t have a camera, especially since it runs like the iPhone. I’ve read many different articles online to see what other people think of the iPad.

– Here is a recent one from MSNBC.

– A great review from Engadget with a pretty detailed video as well. Other linked articles from the same site here.

Cnet Review

Basically it comes down to whether or not I really need a new $650 toy. Ken told me if I close a job I can buy whatever I want as a little treat for myself so maybe I can use that as my deciding factor. If I don’t close one, I don’t need it.

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  • Reply Terra April 2, 2010 at 9:13 am

    Ok, I don’t want one. But I am kind of stuck in my ways and while I can see the big draw towards them…I am not ready to make a change!!!

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