55 of 365 – It’s an iMac baby!

55 of 365 - It's a iMac baby!

Finally…my package that I have been Twittering about like crazy arrived. Actually it arrived yesterday, but since then I have been playing around with it and trying to get our home network set back up. It HATE networks with a passion. Things are never easy peasy. I am still only about 75% done having everything set up correctly and that doesn’t include moving most of my files over to the iMac. I plan to finish up this weekend. I have to work these next few days… I am so behind now!

We had been contemplating getting a Mac for over a year now. When I got my last Dell laptop in September of 07′ we debated getting a Mac, but decided to wait. We had a hard time deciding what to get first. The main priority for me was to get a bigger screen. Recently I have been hunching over my desk to work on my laptop and after several hours of nonstop work my back and neck were killing me. We went to the Apple store in Ann Arbor, MI a couple of weekends ago and we almost came home with a MacBook Pro with a separate wide screen. Ken had a slight problem with that because he is the one due for a new laptop, not me. He has issues with his all the time. Outlook is constantly locking up on him and shutting down, Windows searches for solutions, restarts…if you have a PC, you know what I mean. I was throwing a fit though because I use my laptop way more than he does. Sure he works on his, but I am on mine for more than just work. Plus I actually use my laptop throughout other rooms in the house, where as he would be fine with a desktop computer. We left the store with nothing… it was too much pressure to decide on the spot what to buy.

Later on at home, we each built the MacBook that we wanted along with the separate 24 inch wide screen and keyboard to use during work hours and it was a bit more than we wanted to spend right now. I had solved that problem by saying, let’s just wait until we get the money from “such and such job” and he agreed. Three days later Ken changed his mind and we were online buying a new desktop computer to replace the “family computer” that sits on our office desk. The Dell that was there before was 8 years old and moves as slow as molasses. I never used it. This is the computer that we just bought the new 19 inch wide screen for. The kids are the only ones that play on the computer…Webkinz, Poptropica, NickJr, math games, etc. We moved the old Dell with their new screen over to a little kids sized table in den. It will be nice because Karli will be able to play on the computer now while I am working. Before she would bug me to get on the computer while I am working during the day and there simply isn’t enough room for her at my desk. Now she can play away and I will be nearby to help her if needed.

Ken’s logic behind this decision was practical. The desktop Dell was the oldest computer in the house. This way also allows us to get used to using a Mac before transferring all of our work onto a Mac. We need to find a new program other than Act by Sage for our client management program. Anyone know of a good Mac program for managing contacts & a calendar? Ask your husbands too…maybe they use something at work? I would love some advice on this before I pay for a program I hate.

So while I loved Ken’s logic… I totally hit the jackpot…right? I mean I get to have the new Mac at my desk and play with it all I want. I am going to use it for everything but my work stuff. I can watch movies while I work, listen to my music files, blog hop (LOL), and whatever else I want. The 24 inch screen is almost too big, but I am getting used to it. I thought the ones that were on display at the stores were 24 inch and here they were 20 inch! The 20 inch would have been plenty big enough. Oh well!

Ken will be the next one to get a Mac. We we then move all of our business stuff to the Mac computers. Then as long as one of us has a Mac laptop we should be fine. We don’t really need two. We basically need one for when we are on vacation or out of town for any reason. Whenever I decide I need to work on a laptop, say on the weekend while I am hanging out in the living room or whatever, I can always use his.

Isn’t it beautiful?!

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