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AVATAR the Exhibition


The Henry Ford Museum invited us to come visit their museum to check out AVATAR: The Exhibition. We have all been to the Henry Ford Museum before when the kids have taken field trips in elementary school. There is so much to see at the museum and we have always gone through it so quickly. It was nice to make a visit as a family and have no time schedule to adhere to. I was super excited to check out the Avatar exhibition as it is an amazing movie and James Cameron is one of the most brilliant directors I know.


It was like walking right into a piece of Pandora. They had some actual items straight from the film.


IMG_0861 IMG_0860

I almost don’t want to share everything with you because truthfully it is so worth checking the exhibit out of you are an Avatar fan. Stop scrolling now if you don’t want to see the rest of the photos!


There were so many interactive things like these replica cameras that allowed you to “film” actual scenes right from the movie.


They had a fun video game, which of course the kids loved! I had to pull them away from it because other people wanted to see it too.


They had touch screens set up where you could create your own plant life that also resembled plants that were in the movie.



Another touch screen area where you could check out different creations and creatures.


One of the coolest things that you MUST DO when you visit the exhibition is perform your own scene and watch yourself move around Pandora displayed as an AVATAR character. The video of the whole thing which is uploaded to YouTube and the link is sent to your email for free. Chase thought that was pretty neat.


If you are interested in visiting the AVATAR exhibition be sure to visit soon as it will only be in Dearborn until January 26th. If you are really feeling the AVATAR vibe you can see the entire movie at the IMAX theatre right there as well. The Henry Ford Museum is open 7 days a week from 9:30 – 5pm (closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas). It would be a fun activity to enjoy during the holidays especially one of those cold days when the kids are driving you batty or won’t stop fighting with one another! They will have things decorated for Christmas with some cool trains and such starting November 29th. I’m not a big history buff myself, but there are so many neat things to see (9 acres worth) as well as interactive activities for the kids to enjoy.

And if you happen to live where we do, here’s a tip. We love stopping for a delicious sub sandwich at JERSEY GIANT SUBS in Woodhaven on the way home!

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Must see movies of 2012

Saying I’m addicted to movies is putting it mildly. In 2012 alone I seen at least 55 movies, well at least that is how many I rated on Flixster. Really this is only 1 movie per week, which really doesn’t sound like that many does it?

I thought I would share my favorite MUST SEE MOVIES of 2012 so you can add them to your own rental list. These are the movies that I rated 5 stars and some I have seen more than once.
Top 10 Favorite Movies

I do rent some movies on our cable system and others I have rented from Redbox. I also watch some online at various sites available to watch movies that are still in the theatres. I have never downloaded them, I just stream them. Just make sure you have an active antivirus program on your computer because some of these types of sites post links to other sites that are hosting the videos and some may not be safe for clicking. In all the years I’ve been doing this I have never had a problem though.

Here are 10 other movies that I rated 4 stars that I felt were still really enjoyable to watch and I would definitely recommend to others.

10 movies worth watching

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Movie Reviews

I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately so I thought I would share my thoughts on some of them. For full disclosure I don’t see all of these movies in theaters. The internet is a great thing, that’s all I will say about that. I’m going to rate my movies just like the school rating system – A for the best and F for fail!

The Woman in Black – My Rating: B-

Ken and I seen this movie on a recent date night. It was one of the better scary movies that I’ve seen in quite some time. The movie is about a lawyer (played by the Harry Potter dude – Daniel Radcliffe) who has to work alone in this spooky house going through piles of papers of a deceased client. He starts uncovering clues to all these family secrets all while being spooked by this woman in black. There were several moments where the movie lacked any dialogue and the scenes were just strange and boring. Then 10 minutes later I was jumping out of my seat and totally freaked out. The film was shot to look like a classic horror film and anyone who enjoys a good scary movie will love the movie for the really scary scenes alone.

This Means War – My Rating: A

We usually don’t go to the movies to see romantic comedies because they all tend to be the same (not that I don’t totally love them). But this one was a must see and I am so glad we went to see it on the big screen. Reese Witherspoon is an absolute doll in this movie and if you are like me you want to hate her for being so damn perfect and gorgeous, but you love her. You can’t help it. The plot of the movie isn’t all that deep, just two CIA agents who end up dating the same girl. The movie is hilarious and surprisingly not overly predictable. Chelsea Handler is also in the movie and she is so freaking hilarious, the movie would have not been the same without her. My only complaint is that I wish they would have picked out some better looking guys…like Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds, now that would have made it an A++ movie!

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – My Rating: B

At first I couldn’t get into this movie about this young boy who goes searching for a lock that will open with a key given to him by his father who died in the World Trade Center on September 11th. The story is told through the eyes of the boy which is very heartfelt, but progresses very slowly. It wasn’t until an hour into the movie that I was constantly sniffling from the incredibly touching moments. By the end I was just letting the tears flow. A very emotional movie with a very sentimental message.

The Grey – My Rating: C

First let’s take a moment to think about the lead actor in this movie – Liam Neeson. I don’t think this guy makes a bad movie. The Grey is about an oil drilling team that is involved in a plane crash while leaving Alaska. Liam plays the character of a sniper that is to protect the men from nature’s dangers, particularly a pack of wolves that are violently intent on devouring each and every one of them. It’s a high adrenaline ride through moments of survival and very dark dreadful moments of realistic fear. Not my typical type of movie, but those who like this genre will enjoy.


Last Night – My Rating: B

A seemingly happy married couple have a night away from one another when the husband leaves for a night on business. His co-worker traveling with him is the sexy Eva Mendes and she does all she can to seduce him into bed. The suspecting wife, played by Keira Knightley, runs into an old love and goes through her own temptations and moments of betrayal. It’s a great story about love, trust, and loyalty. It’s not a very original story line, but the emotional journey both of them go through makes for an entertaining flick.


Movies that are out now that I want to see:
The Descendants
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol
One For the Money
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Vow

Coming Soon Movies that I can’t wait to see:
Wanderlust, February 24th
Butter, March 16th
The Hunger Games, March 23rd
The Lucky One, April 20th
Five Year Engagement, April 27th
Marvel’s The Avengers, May 4th
What to Expect When Your Expecting, May 11th
Snow White and the Huntsman, June 1st
Rock of Ages, June 1st
The Amazing Spider-man, July 3rd

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The Bachelor – Episode One

Did anyone catch this mistake on the episode of The Bachelor last Monday?

Being the huge tech junkie that I am of course I would be the one to notice the screw up they made when one of the girls on The Bachelor, Linzi C., showed her iPhone when sharing the story of how she got dumped by her last boyfriend. Right away I was like, “Oh my God, that is SO wrong!” (Too bad no one was listening.) Anyone who has an iPhone knows that the messages that you send are in green or blue on the right and the messages you receive are in white on the left. So here she is trying to pretend that she received a message that was on the wrong side of her phone when obviously she typed it herself. I’m not blaming Linzi, I mean I am sure it was producers that told her to do it. Humor is found in many forms on this show. I have been a huge fan since the very first season!

The Bachelor Ben ---- mistakes!!

(I also caught that Amber T. said she was 28, but the screen said she was 29. I imagine she just had a birthday since the show was recorded, but they should have just had it match what she said.)

I was going to make videos each week on my thoughts on The Bachelor but I changed my mind. Instead I will just share some thoughts I had after watching the first episode of Ben’s season of The Bachelor.

First, my thoughts on Ben. I didn’t really care for Ben when he was on Ashley’s season of The Bachelorette. He seemed very dull and boring to me and I didn’t find him attractive at all. I felt like he would have been a very loyal boyfriend, a great provider and future father, but so BORING. I bet life with him would get pretty repetitive quickly. It seemed like Ashley was interested in him intellectually, but there was no spark in my opinion. Ashely definitely made the best choice with JP. Not that I wasn’t feeling bad for Ben when he was rejected. I felt like that was the most honest and real rejection scene ever on any season of The Bachelor. The way Ben didn’t want to hear Ashley’s excuses and how he spoke his mind, that was so honest and heartbreaking. One thing I will give Ben, he is a total straight arrow and I respect him for that. I just hope he acts a little more enthusiastic this time around.

Now my thoughts on some of my favorite girls.

Courtney – The Model. It’s obvious she is going to be the villain this season. She is incredibly gorgeous, but also seems very intelligent and it appears as though she is used to having to stick up for herself. She talks very defensively at times. I want to hate her, but I don’t. Her voice is so sexy when she talks to Ben and boy is she a smooth talker and Ben is just smitten.

Kacie B – The Geek. My first impression of Kacie is she is very vulnerable and will fall for Ben pretty quickly. She is presenting herself as the dorky silly girl and it seems pretty accurate. I am most excited about seeing her and Ben on dates, I bet there will be a lot of cheesy moments between these two.

Emily – The Germ Expert. She seems so bubbly and down to earth. She definitely came onto the show with a plan – show off her intelligence, her quirky side, and her beauty. Well played Emily.

Linzi C. – The Horse Girl. I didn’t like her at first. Her intro seemed a little strange and I didn’t connect with her right away. However her one on one time with Ben changed my thoughts. She seems sincere and truly interested in getting to know Ben.

Nicki – The Divorced One. I am on the fence with Nicki. She seems sweet and very sincere, but I don’t think she is being herself. She appeared as though she was trying really hard to impress Ben and it came across a little fake. Hopefully when she gets some one on one time with Ben she will be more at ease.

Jamie – The Sob Story. She grew up without a dad and her mom had dependency issues so she raised her siblings. The story was a little too much sappiness for 13 minutes into the show, but I guess it is who she is. She seems like a really nice caring, responsible girl and they way the producers introduced her makes it impossible not to like her. I’m looking for her to show some personality though.So far I just seen a lot of nervousness. I’ll be surprised if she sticks around for very long.

Some other comments…

Jenna – The Blogger. She needs to tone down the orange makeup or tanning or something. She wants to fall in love and get married like yesterday. The producers might ask Ben to keep her around just for drama, but I don’t think Ben will develop feelings for her. Just too high maintenance for him. Their conversation so far as been very awkward and uncomfortable to watch. On the plus side, her voice sounds exactly like Annabella Sciorra from Hand the Rocks the Cradle.

Brittney – The Granddaughter. That whole story line was stupid in my opinion. And when Grandma cried in the limo on the way home – Classic.

Blakely – The Old Woman. I shouldn’t crack, I am older than her, but she a strange one. Her crazy arm tattoo made me think she would be perfect for Vienna’s ex – Kasey!

Anna – The Gorgeous Blond. She was the girl that walked right past Ben when getting out of the limo and didn’t introduce herself. She was gorgeous yet we didn’t get to see her much and Ben sent her packing.

My Votes:
Prettiest- Courtney or Anna
Best Personality – Kaycie B.
Cutest Dress – Brittney
Most Dramatic – Jenna
Craziest – Monica
Best Hair – Elyse
Worst Dress – Erika

Of course I am hooked as always after the first episode. This season looks like it will be full of drama, lots of tears, beautiful locations, and as always a surprise guest.

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American Horror Story

If anyone would have asked me to predict how the first season of American Horror Story would have ended I never would have even came close. WOW, is all I can think to say. This show is utterly amazing in every aspect. The amount of creepiness and gore and surprisingly awesome story line is just enough to make me want to keep watching. It’s one of those shows that you watch that you find yourself thinking about later in the day. You wonder who is sick enough to come up with something like this. Even the music from the opening credits freaks me out! If you like scary movies…you have to watch this show. Some of the episodes are available on and you’ll find the rest in other sites online, such as Sidereel.

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A Lot Like Love

When you are bored on New Years Day…watch my all time favorite Ashton Kutcher & Amanda Peet movie from 2005- A Lot Like Love. It’s a story about two people whose paths keep crossing and they clearly like one another but their lives are always in different stages. Seven years later they both have their lives in order and they find each other once again. LOVE this movie!! Maybe because the story is a bit familiar to me. Did you know that Ken and I were “boyfriend/girlfriend” back in high school and then 11 years later we dated again? And then we married 3 years later!

The movie also has a pretty good soundtrack, especially the song Brighter Than Sunshine by Aqualung. It’s on my iPhone right now, just one of my favorite feel good sappy songs.

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November is…

November is the month of exciting things!!

November 6th – The UP by Jawbone wristband goes on sale. I am all for any new type of electronic gadget and one that can sync with my iPhone and tell me when it’s time to get off my rear and go do something, sounds perfect to me. I’ll share all the details with you once I get one next week. I love new toys!

November 8th – Just in time for the approaching winter weather! Ken and I have already pre-ordered our Elite copies. We will get all the new maps and some extra downloadable content for no extra cost. Well really you pay for it up front, but supposedly it’s cheaper this way. I will be taking the 8th off work and getting my game on!

November 18th – I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this movie. The other day I read that the highly anticipated sex scene was reshot due to it exceeding the guidelines for a PG-13 movie. I can’t believe that, I mean come on…like the directors didn’t know this when they were filming it. I am trying really really hard to stop analyzing how far into the book will the first movie go. My guess is right before Bella gives birth. Which would also be right before Bella turns into a vampire. What do you think? I can’t believe we will have to wait an entire year to see part 2. Then again once it’s over what will I daydream about?

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Cat Deeley

After 8 seasons I still find Cat Deeley creepy and quite annoying.

Something about Cat Deeley (from So You Think You Can Dance) creeps me out. Some days she looks so manly and her voice is annoying. Will that accent ever wear off? LOLOLOL