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November is…

November is the month of exciting things!!

November 6th – The UP by Jawbone wristband goes on sale. I am all for any new type of electronic gadget and one that can sync with my iPhone and tell me when it’s time to get off my rear and go do something, sounds perfect to me. I’ll share all the details with you once I get one next week. I love new toys!

November 8th – Just in time for the approaching winter weather! Ken and I have already pre-ordered our Elite copies. We will get all the new maps and some extra downloadable content for no extra cost. Well really you pay for it up front, but supposedly it’s cheaper this way. I will be taking the 8th off work and getting my game on!

November 18th – I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this movie. The other day I read that the highly anticipated sex scene was reshot due to it exceeding the guidelines for a PG-13 movie. I can’t believe that, I mean come on…like the directors didn’t know this when they were filming it. I am trying really really hard to stop analyzing how far into the book will the first movie go. My guess is right before Bella gives birth. Which would also be right before Bella turns into a vampire. What do you think? I can’t believe we will have to wait an entire year to see part 2. Then again once it’s over what will I daydream about?

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