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AVATAR the Exhibition


The Henry Ford Museum invited us to come visit their museum to check out AVATAR: The Exhibition. We have all been to the Henry Ford Museum before when the kids have taken field trips in elementary school. There is so much to see at the museum and we have always gone through it so quickly. It was nice to make a visit as a family and have no time schedule to adhere to. I was super excited to check out the Avatar exhibition as it is an amazing movie and James Cameron is one of the most brilliant directors I know.


It was like walking right into a piece of Pandora. They had some actual items straight from the film.


IMG_0861 IMG_0860

I almost don’t want to share everything with you because truthfully it is so worth checking the exhibit out of you are an Avatar fan. Stop scrolling now if you don’t want to see the rest of the photos!


There were so many interactive things like these replica cameras that allowed you to “film” actual scenes right from the movie.


They had a fun video game, which of course the kids loved! I had to pull them away from it because other people wanted to see it too.


They had touch screens set up where you could create your own plant life that also resembled plants that were in the movie.



Another touch screen area where you could check out different creations and creatures.


One of the coolest things that you MUST DO when you visit the exhibition is perform your own scene and watch yourself move around Pandora displayed as an AVATAR character. The video of the whole thing which is uploaded to YouTube and the link is sent to your email for free. Chase thought that was pretty neat.


If you are interested in visiting the AVATAR exhibition be sure to visit soon as it will only be in Dearborn until January 26th. If you are really feeling the AVATAR vibe you can see the entire movie at the IMAX theatre right there as well. The Henry Ford Museum is open 7 days a week from 9:30 – 5pm (closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas). It would be a fun activity to enjoy during the holidays especially one of those cold days when the kids are driving you batty or won’t stop fighting with one another! They will have things decorated for Christmas with some cool trains and such starting November 29th. I’m not a big history buff myself, but there are so many neat things to see (9 acres worth) as well as interactive activities for the kids to enjoy.

And if you happen to live where we do, here’s a tip. We love stopping for a delicious sub sandwich at JERSEY GIANT SUBS in Woodhaven on the way home!

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