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Must see movies of 2012

Saying I’m addicted to movies is putting it mildly. In 2012 alone I seen at least 55 movies, well at least that is how many I rated on Flixster. Really this is only 1 movie per week, which really doesn’t sound like that many does it?

I thought I would share my favorite MUST SEE MOVIES of 2012 so you can add them to your own rental list. These are the movies that I rated 5 stars and some I have seen more than once.
Top 10 Favorite Movies

I do rent some movies on our cable system and others I have rented from Redbox. I also watch some online at various sites available to watch movies that are still in the theatres. I have never downloaded them, I just stream them. Just make sure you have an active antivirus program on your computer because some of these types of sites post links to other sites that are hosting the videos and some may not be safe for clicking. In all the years I’ve been doing this I have never had a problem though.

Here are 10 other movies that I rated 4 stars that I felt were still really enjoyable to watch and I would definitely recommend to others.

10 movies worth watching

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