August & September Pictorial

Rather than writing out a whole long thing about how busy I have been since the kids have gone back to school, let’s just pick up where I left off. I thought I would share some photos from the past couple of months. So what’s been going on?… Andrew just filled out his college apps last week and has been thinking a lot about what he wants to major in. Blake is playing football for the junior high and doing amazingly well, making touchdowns and surprising me with how hard he has been working. He has had a lot of homework this year, but I keep him on track. Chase has been playing football as well and he has been a piece of cake when it comes to school. Just call him Mr. Independent. Karli is on her 4th year cheering at only 9 years old and her just started her 4th year of dance with this year being her first year dancing competitively. That means more time at the dance studio as well. I am so proud of her, she has really become a confident dancer this year. She needs a little more pushing when it comes to school so between her and Blake I feel like I am back in school myself at times. As for Ken and I we are happy to be back working all day without interruptions. I turned the big 4-1 last month and I tell you what, I have been getting to bed before midnight for the first time in a long time. 6:30am just rolls around all too soon and 6 hours of sleep just doesn’t cut it anymore. Getting old stinks :( Ken and I also celebrated our 14th anniversary earlier this month and we are now one of those couples who have been married so long we lose track of how many years it has been. We are lucky we can just take the year and add 1 to it since we got married in 99′. Other than work and kids I’ve been enjoying some of the new fall shows and reading Twilight again. Not sure why…I just had the urge to read the series again.

Some random photos…

Karli and Chase getting munched on by some camels.
I always knew my kids were sweet. #tasty

We don’t do this often enough…A fun night with friends.
Fun night with friends!

Our little cheerleader
Cheer clinic today!

Chase almost had to get stitches but was saved by Dermabond (glue) instead. He cut the back of his foot open while riding his Ripstick in the garage.
Almost had to get stitches but they glued it instead. Stupid RipStick! He got to close to a corner of dry wall in the garage ;(

Blake had to dress up at school the day of one of their football games. He actually picked out a pink tie, I was surprisingly happy. He was all like…I’m not too cool to wear pink. Or maybe it was I am cool so I can wear pink? Not sure.
Blake said it was too early in the morning for photos, but mom won! (Football team dressed up today)

Blake Football 2013

Chase football 2013

Karli Cheer 2013

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