Vitalio Vera Ziggy Crossbody Bag

I rarely use the word “bag”..I prefer the term purse, but in this case I suppose it is sort of a bag considering it’s size. I love it though…perfect for dragging along my iPad and a drink, snack, and whatever else to all the kids baseball games.

I had been purse shopping for awhile. Anytime we were at the mall I would browse some of the major department stores for the perfect purse. Lately I had been carrying this gold/bronze/brown purse that I bought in Myrtle Beach almost 3 years ago! Well I would take that when I needed a big purse, otherwise when I went into stores I would just carry my Louis Vuitton Pouchette that I got in Chicago. (What is it with me and buying purses when I’m on vacation?) Anyways, after shopping first with Ken sighing over my shoulder because I couldn’t make a decision and then later with Karli who just nodded and said she liked them all…I finally just picked one out online. The only thing I was really looking for was a crossbody purse because I hate short straps that constantly fall off my shoulder all the time. I love that it has the shorter straps as well when I want to carry it in my arm for quick walks from the house to the car, etc.

It seems sort of crazy to just hop on and pick one out since I was being so picky to begin with, but I figured if I found something cheap it was worth not having to go out shopping again. Isn’t it funny how us moms can go out and drop a hundred dollars at Justice and a couple more hundred at American Eagle for our kids, but when it comes to buying something for ourselves we just can’t spend the money as easily?

I found this Vitalio Vera Ziggy Crossbody Bag on Amazon for only $39.95 with free shipping! I never heard of Vitalio Vera before, I mean I am not a big purse shopper anyways, so unless it’s a name like Coach or Kate Spade or something like that I don’t know the difference between Kmart blue light special and the latest purse one of the Kardashians is carrying. I buy a purse based on the style not so much the name. Okay except for my Louis Vuitton…that was just splurge since we were in Chicago and everyone was picking out a Christmas present for themselves! Ken bought me a Coach purse before as well and I didn’t like it for very long…so I have learned my lesson. So this Vitalio Vera, doesn’t appear to be any sort of special brand, but I love so many of the purses that they sell. I found a bunch at Purse Boutique and they are so cheap!! It came in this really nice cloth pouch which was also tightly wrapped in bubble wrap. All the silver pieces on the purse were covered with paper too. I didn’t expect that for such a cheaply priced purse. When I got the package, I thought – Wow, this is really nice for $40!

New Purse!

The quality of the purse is really good and while the purse is a tad bit bigger than I imagined I still love it. Also I have never owned a blue purse in my entire life. I sort of don’t really like blue, like I promise you, you’ll never find me driving a blue car and I don’t really own any blue clothes, except jeans of course. I wanted to get something completely different this time..something that I wouldn’t normally buy. life is too out. I bought a BLUE purse people.

New Purse!

How often do you buy a new purse?

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  • Reply Elisa August 15, 2011 at 11:46 am

    Absolutely lovely! Looks quite small anyway, is it really bigger as it looks on that stool?
    Really-really gorgeous. And the blue is lovely too, this kind of sky-blue.

  • Reply Michele May 6, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    CUTE! I’ve never owned a blue purse either, now that I’m thinking about it, have I ever even seen a blue purse before? hmmm… I tend to buy a new purse once a year or so. I have a bunch that I switch out every few months though. I have still never found one that I’m totally happy with. They are either so big things get lost on the bottom and I have to dig for ages to find my keys or they’re too small and I can’t cram everything in.

    • Reply Candi May 10, 2011 at 10:35 am

      I agree! I can’t stand when I can’t find stuff in big purses either.

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