Six candles

Karli turns 6 on Thursday so I am trying to make this week extra special for her. Today she went over to one of her favorite girlfriend’s house for a playdate. Hopefully next week we can have them over for swimming. I love hearing Karli talk about her friends. It is so much different than the conversations that the boys have about their friends.

When she got home my best friend since high school, who is Karli’s Godmother, came over to visit Karli for her birthday since she can’t make her party. She brought her the cutest clothes and some earrings. Karli loves anything jewelry. We had fun chatting away while Karli and Chase drove us crazy the entire time. Blake had left to stay the night at his friend’s house and Andrew is on vacation with his dad. You would think the house would be a little more calm, but oh no, not with these two! I constantly tease Karli and Chase about how they act like a married couple they way the bicker with one another. Even though they are 20 months apart in age they look like twins and pretty much act exactly like one another.

We aren’t having Karli’s birthday party until next Saturday because Andrew is gone this weekend and also Emma will be in town. We are going to give Karli one of her birthday presents this week though. She is going to be so surprised. I am surprised that Ken and I are being so crazy and getting her this for her birthday. You’ll have to wait to see what it is!

By the way…when did my baby girl grow up?

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