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Busy week begins

Father’s Day weekend was great, especially since we were able to spend it at home since Andrew’s team lost on Friday. I was thrilled to be going home Friday evening with Ken. If they would have won we would have played again on Saturday and I would have had to catch a ride home with someone else, probably Andrew’s dad. After Blake and Chase’s baseball game on Saturday we spent the afternoon with my niece Emma swimming, grilling out, and making smores.

Andrew #9

Can you find Andrew? Let me give you a hint… he is the only one without a hat on! He is the catcher so he always has a helmet on…either for catching or when he is up to bat.


Sunday morning we went to church and then did some shopping. We had already celebrated Father’s Day with my dad because we didn’t know if we were going to be home or not. We met Ken’s dad for dinner at a restaurant along with both of Ken’s brothers. They came back to our house afterward to swim. Ken had already received his Father’s Day gift. We got him a MacbookPro and a 24 inch flat screen to go along with it. I am slowly moving all of my computer stuff from my laptop to our iMac desktop computer. We would love to be PC free someday. We still have to figure out what database program to use for our business and then we will be good to go.

Only a few more weeks and we will be off to Myrtle Beach for a week long baseball tournament. Until then I am doing my best to try to balance work, the kids, and the house. This week Andrew and Blake have football camp on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for a few hours in the morning. Wednesday we plan to go see Transformers 2. All 3 boys have baseball practice on Wednesday. Andrew has baseball games on Tuesday and Thursday. Friday Blake is having 10 friends over for his birthday party. Grandparents are invited to come at the end of the party for cake and ice cream and to watch our towns fireworks display from our front yard. Saturday Blake and Chase have their last baseball game and afterward we are having an “end of the season” swim party at our house. Andrew has a double header on Saturday, but luckily he is with his dad so he can take him. I will be missing his games for the first time this year! So really not much is going on around here. HA!

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