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Spring break day one

Karli & her best friend

Karli had an Easter party at school on Wednesday. Here she is with her bestest bud from school. She is constantly asking to have her over the house, but we have yet to invite her. It’s hard when I am trying to work all day until the boys get home from school and then things are insane enough. I will have to give her mom a call this summer. She has an older brother Andrew’s age, but they have never hung out together. Today was the start of Spring Break (they are off school all of next week) and then only 7 more weeks of school. Yes! I am so done with the preschool. Karli has not learned one thing there. Everything she knows now (the basics- ABC’s, colors, shapes, etc) she already knew at the beginning of preschool. She has learned new things at home, some reading and math. I suppose the socialization is good for her, but for $90 a month we could have gone to Chuck E. Cheese’s once a week and received just as much socialization. I am done with preschools forever after this! That feels great. Next school year all my kids will be in school…wow! Now I just have to get Karli in all day Kindergarten. They do a lottery system here, sometime in May.

Thursday we went to church for Holy Thursday. The kids ate a small dinner before we went so afterward we took them to Hooters. Karli was mesmerized by the girls outfits. Many of them were dressed in bunny type outfits for Easter. She kept telling me to look at this girls tights or that girls top. It was funny. When our waitress sat down at our table to take our order she couldn’t take her eyes off of her. The restaurant wasn’t overly crowded and the kids were having a blast.

Hooters Girl & the kids

Hooters Girl & the kids

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