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Easter Fun

I keep thinking I am going to wake up from this very long nightmare. First we ended up having to go to mass in the gym at church because ken was signed up as a Eucharist minister and he was told to do the mass in the gym. Karli didn’t understand that we were to be quiet and behave like we do when we are in actual church. So that was fun. Then we came home to find that our projector won’t turn on for our big screen in the basement. We just paid $300 to get the bulb refurbished. Now Ken wants to just buy a new one which is $700! Then just as we were about to eat Easter dinner with my family, we noticed a huge puddle of water coming out from our kitchen cabinet under the sink. Ken had to tear the faucet all apart and when he got to the store at 6pm, they were just closing and wouldn’t let him in. He tried a couple of stores and they didn’t have the right parts. He called Delta this morning and they are shipping the replacement parts for free, but it could take up to a week. This should be a blast.

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