School Open House

Open House at school

Last night was Open House at the kid’s school. The Kindergarten students were invited to come early to meet their teachers before the school got crazy insane. We visited Karli’s class and she was super shy as usual. She walked up to her teacher like a little penguin. I hope this year will help her with her shyness. Her teacher is the same teacher that Chase had for Young 5’s and she is very kind and gentle with the kids. The exact personality that she needs I think. Karli is really excited to start school, she is most looking forward to all the art projects.

Karli & her Kindergarten teacher

Chase got the teacher he wanted as well. He got the same first grade teacher that Blake had. She is also a very good friend of the teacher that Chase had last year so he got to know her last year a little bit. He feels very comfortable with her and she is great with younger kids, the perfect first grade teacher. Last year Chase’s Kindergarten teacher got married and this year his first grade teacher is getting married. Chase said to me, “It’s like I have a marriage disease!” I told him he wasn’t a disease, but a blessing! Another funny about Chase, we were in the car talking and he was saying how when he gets done with elementary school, then he has to go to high school (he skipped junior high), and then college, and then become a parent. I told him that you don’t have to be a parent, that it is your choice if you want to have kids when you grow up. He said, “just like it’s my choice what kind of job I have?” Then he asked, “Is college going to teach me what to be when I grow up?” And then he said, “I think I am just going to pick something that I am real good at because that will make my job the easiest”. He said, “If I am fast at driving, I might have to be a race car driver”. I said, “I sure hope not because that job is dangerous!” He goes, “I will have to think more about safe jobs so you don’t have a heart attack, or maybe I should just be a doctor so I can take care of you!” Gotta love him.

Chase & his 1st grade teacher

Blake unfortunately did not get to meet his teacher at Open House. He had to leave before she arrived because he had football photo day. I stopped by his classroom before I left to drop off his school supplies and luckily his teacher is the same teacher Andrew had for 4th grade and she remembered me and is excited about having Blake. His teacher is taking maternity leave for the first 2 months of school though. The sub that he will have is one of the school’s reading literacy coaches and he knows her as well. We are so thrilled with all the teachers that the kids got this year.

Tomorrow we are taking the day off work. We are taking our traditional trip to BD’s Mongolian BBQ for our last dinner out before back to school. It’s a silly excuse to go really. We just like to fit it in whenever we can. It’s about an hour away so we make a day trip of it and shop and whatever else we feel like doing that day.

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