Is it fall yet?

I had to take Chase to the dentist because I thought his adult tooth was loose. He lost his top front tooth about 6 months ago. It came out early due to being knocked so many times while playing and/or wrestling with his brothers. Finally it looked like the corner of the front tooth was coming in. Last night Chase came downstairs with a tiny piece of tooth in his hand. He said it came off the tooth that was coming in. I was almost in tears when I felt the tooth that was sticking out of his gum and noticed it was loose. Sure enough, $76 later, after a visit to the dentist and an x-ray it is his baby tooth. It was probably a portion of the baby tooth that was still up in his gum and is now moving it’s way down. The adult tooth is safe and sound inside his gum.

Adult tooth coming in or baby tooth?

Today in the mail we received notice that our health insurance (we are self employed and carry our own insurance through Blue Cross) monthly premium is going up 25%, to $473 a month. I know, that doesn’t seem that high to some. But considering our deductible is $3000 a year, we are basically paying for health insurance on the off chance one of us becomes injured or majorly sick. Otherwise we don’t even use the insurance! Well the kids well visits are covered, as well as my yearly pap. Yippee!

I have a crazy amount of paperwork, health cards, info cards, etc. that are suppose to be filled out for 3 kids by their Open House tomorrow night. Why can’t this school get computerized? It is almost 2010 for goodness sake!

I leave you with another one of Karli’s photographs. Whenever she sees my little digital camera laying around she starts snapping pictures. This is the view from her bedroom window. The rest of the photos she took were of toys in her room. She says she wants to be an artist when she grows up…too cute. She colors all the time, like pretty much every day. The other day she told me that she is going to be an artist, not because she chooses to be an artist, but because God made her this way.

View from Karli's bedroom

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