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Real love is Windows 8

After 13 years of marriage my husband is still so very romantic. For Sweetest Day this year he decided to get a virus on his laptop so I could spend my Friday afternoon working on his computer. The last time he did this was on Valentine’s Day. I told you he was romantic. I did finally get rid of the virus, but then a bunch of registry files were deleted thus the majority of his programs would not function. Finally I decided to just take his laptop back to factory settings. We were able to backup all of his files so not a big deal- just time consuming.

During my delightful computer experiences I received an email from Dell sharing that Windows 8 was to be released soon. What perfect timing! We typically purchase new laptops every 2 years which usually goes right along with the latest release of Windows. Ken isn’t always excited about getting the latest operating system because there are usually issues like Windows Vista (UGH!), but too bad. It was time to upgrade again. We use our laptops for everything, particularly our business, so we are on them the majority of the day. After a couple of years with a laptop it gets so bogged down and the simplest task takes seconds longer than it should. Getting the spinning wheel when I’m trying to print a document or when programs take forever to open is insanely frustrating. Ken had to replace his hard drive awhile back and he has these keyboard issues where the cursor will just randomly hop from one spot to another. So it was really time.

Dell’s customer service has not been the greatest, but they still have the best laptop for the dollar in my opinion. So I went on their website and picked us out two new laptops and pretty much just said to Ken, “Happy Sweetest Day, I bought you a new laptop and oh yea, I bought myself one too”. And let’s just say I’m happy than can be because I would much rather have a new laptop in two weeks (Windows 8 will not be released until this Friday, October 26th) than a bouquet of flowers that will die in a week or a romantic dinner that we don’t even have the free time for right now.

I picked out the Dell 17R Special Edition (Inspiron 7720), i7 processor, 3.4Ghz, 17.3 inch HD screen, 8GB DDR3 Memory, 1TB Hard drive with 32Gig Intel Smart Response (which allows programs to open super fast), upgraded Skullcandy speakers, and a backlit keyboard. I’m probably most excited about the backlit keyboard!

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