Grossed out

Too many days have passed since I have last blogged, wow. I’m gonna just jump right in with a funny story from tonight. Chase was watching TV and a commercial for Domino’s Pizza came on. He says, “Ew Mom, why would anyone want to get pizza from there when they touch it with their hands?” So how do I respond to a loaded question like that? I basically just said that it wasn’t real like most things you see on TV. I mean seriously, the kid barely eats a darn thing as it is let alone him refusing to eat pizza because people touch it with their hands! Honestly I haven’t been into a pizza place lately to see if they all wear gloves now. Do they? I mean I know I have seen most pizza guys the roll the pizza up in the air with their bare hands. Could that really be done effectively with gloves on? Anyways, I lied to my child because I don’t want to give up my nights of not feeling like cooking and ordering pizza. I already have to make Karli macaroni and cheese on our pizza nights because she doesn’t like pizza. I know!! What kid doesn’t like pizza? But Chase won’t eat macaroni and cheese so then I would be fixing something else for him. I know, my kids have serious food problems. My life is full of very complicated issues like this. (j/k)

Grossed out!

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