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I hate computers

I’m sitting here at my desk copying our music files over one by one. Well artist by artist anyways. I figured it was a good time to write an update because what else do I have to do while I wait for everything to process.

This is freaking insane. I’m really thinking the computer gods hate me or something. I am not even excited about getting the new laptops next week now because that just means more work for me getting them set up with our work database and stuff. Anyways so after Ken’s laptop getting a virus our Mac desktop started acting up and I was hurrying and trying to copy all of our photos over to our external hard drive. The last time I did this was early 2011 and I had A LOT of stuff to move over. Photos, Videos and our huge music library. Well the more I moved things the more the mac would lock up. I started deleting stuff because we had 350gig of crap on there, but it didn’t matter. Once it locked up I had to run this “repair permissions” thing which takes 1-2 hours and then it will work again but only for a short time- like 1 -2 hours as well. Plus it copies everything SUPER slow. I really feel grouchy these past few days in case you were wondering. As of right now I have all of our photos and videos backed up, but the music is taking forever. I am almost thinking we might lose everything because it just isn’t working too well. The amount of times I have to restart and repair, ugh.

This morning I took Chase shopping just to get out of the house for a little bit. He needed a Halloween costume and I had a couple of other places to stop. Do you know no one has sandals out there anymore? I wanted to pick up some new sandals for Karli and I for vacation next month (I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!), but all the clearance stuff is gone and replaced with winter boots. Bummer. Guess I will have to find something online. I did already get a couple new pairs of shorts and a couple of bathing suit coverups. I don’t feel guilty for buying myself stuff since my 40th B-day was last month and I told Ken not to buy me anything because I seriously couldn’t think of a darn thing to have him buy for me. I felt confident as time went on I would think of something I just had to have soon! Enter new vacations clothes!

Anyways, I had a blast with Chase today. I love my outings with the kids just one at a time. I always let them pick out a special treat and Chase chose a new outfit for his build-a-bear. Shhh, don’t tell his 4th grade friends he still likes to dress his build-a-bear. He was also nice enough to pick out a cute Halloween witch one for Karli. I love how his special treats are still affordable. They older they get the more expensive the stuff they want is. For example, Andrew wanting some new sweat pants. They can’t just be Target brand (the horror!!) so I get him some Nike ones from Dick’s and they were $50 each! Wow. I don’t even have a $50 pair of pants, let alone sweat pants. I just bought myself new comfy PJ pants from Costco people. The things we sacrifice for our kids.

I could pretty much just ramble on about anything right now because I have all the time in the world. I know I still need to write a September & October update, but that sounds like too much work, finding the photos to go with what I want to talk about. Ugh, much easier to just ramble.

Wow, this copying of the music files just isn’t working. I am having to reboot and repair again and I haven’t put a dent into the amount of music I have to copy. Back to google…I need to see if there is another method to backing all of this up. Oh, I just realized all of our Apps are on there too (for our iphones). Our Mac is pretty old, at least 5 years, but geez this is ridiculous.

Update: I’ve decided to just do a clean install of the OS on the Mac and not worry about any lost music. I’ve been at this 3 days and I can’t take it anymore! Between one of the backups of music we do have and the 3 iphones and all the ipods we have in the house we have the majority of the music we want. I guess. Let’s hope this fixes the Mac.

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