Day in the Life – My Saturday

Karli and I had a Girls Day on Saturday. I love these days where we really have nothing in particular to do so we hop in the car and run to several stores and such.

Day in the Life - Karli & Candi

First we made a stop at the library because we had some books to return as well as Karli wanting to get some more Bad Kitty books. She was so excited to find this one that she couldn’t even wait until we left to start reading it.

Day in the Life - Library visit

Then we went to Lowe’s to stop to get some paint chip samples for an Easter craft that we are doing.

Day in the Life - Paint Store

Next was a stop at JoAnn Fabrics for some craft supplies for another Easter craft project. { Video will be posted on our YouTube channel this week! }
Day in the Life - Craft Store

And then we stopped at Kroger to get a few things that I needed for Sunday’s Mexican Meatloaf recipe { Video also coming soon! } As well as some treats that Karli added to the cart and some frozen pizzas for dinner because we already ate out for lunch and I try not to cook on Saturdays! Red Baron is our favorite frozen pizza, what’s yours?
Day in the Life - Kroger trip

We also stopped at Walgreen’s to get some new nail polish and some Reese’s of course!
Day in the Life - Walgreens trip

Our new nails! I tried the magnetic nail polish by Revlon called Star Attraction. The color I used is Star Watch. You apply the polish like normal and then hover the magnetic end over your nail for like 10 seconds and it creates the star like affect.
Day in the Life - Candi nails

Karli choose a different Revlon polish that is called Moon Candy which is a dark navy blue polish on one end and then the other end has a light blue sparkle polish which we applied to just the top half of her nails.
Day in the Life - Karli's nails

We then worked on one of the Easter crafts to create the templates for the video we are making today. It’s a secret what it is until the video comes out!

Then we ended the evening with some vanilla ice cream and oreo flurries with Ken and the boys. We even shared some with the dogs!
Day in the Life - Oreo Flurries

Day in the Life - Dogs get some too!

Once we got the kiddos to bed Ken watched Breaking Dawn 2 with me…perfect ending to the perfect day!

What did you do yesterday?

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  • Reply Roby March 10, 2017 at 8:02 am

    it.But just a second: it's only a &q&bt;oituquot; about the food??? Not the way you guys cook up a feast, it can't be LOL.And you can go to the pre-Carols rehearsals?? Please tell me how. Where? Email me! (pretty please)

  • Reply Michele March 11, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    Oh My gosh! I love, love, love that pic of you and Karli! I think that is my favorite picture of you ever. You guys are so cute! This reminded me of that blog thing we used to on Mondays, remember that? I think we called it when I woke up?? (the good ole days!)
    I had never heard of the star attraction nail polish. So cool!

    • Reply Candi March 12, 2013 at 3:05 pm

      Awww, thanks! I don’t remember that about Mondays :( I do miss the old days of blogging though!!

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