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Merry Christmas

We didn’t send out cards this year so consider this your Christmas card!

I know some of you probably thought we took you off our card list since I always send out cards. But nope, just wasn’t feeling it this year. The internet pretty much keeps all of you updated and you see plenty of photos of us throughout the year.

Thank goodness the photos even turned out. We had enough time for one photo right before Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and fingers crossed that we ended up with something presentable. I would have got yelled at by Ken to hurry up if I would have tried to take anymore than that. We are all always getting yelled at before church. If you think about it, church is one of the few things that we go to as a complete family where we really have to be there at a specific time. Must be why I whine about going to church most of the time. I enjoy mass while I’m there, but boy do I hate the process of getting there. Plus you can’t wear sweats.

Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Rest of our photos will be coming shortly :)

So how was your Christmas?

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