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Halloween Photos

A little late, but here are some of our photos from Halloween. The kids made it trick or treating through the entire neighborhood, but Karli tired out pretty quickly. She kept laying on the ground resting and ended up skipping some of the houses that the boys went to. The kids seemed to have a hard time sticking together. I had to constantly tell them to wait and slow down. At the end of trick or treating I was thrilled to run into an old friend that moved away a year ago, but came back to visit with everyone. I miss her and her kids so much!

Kids before T or T

There are more pics at the end of this post, or view the entire set here.

Today Blake’s football team played in a championship game for their league. Unfortunately they lost, but they still won their division which is pretty cool. He had fun this year and really learned a lot and improved quite a bit. He will play as a 2nd year Junior next year and hopefully will get to play a lot more. Chase will have to play flag football one more year, but he can’t wait to get into those pads and tackle. Andrew of course is undecided about whether he will play football his Freshman year, but my guess would be that he will play again next year. I love football season, but a huge part of me is glad it is over and our family can get back to normal and eat healthier dinners and spend more time together in the evenings. Chase will still have gymnastics twice a week.

Sometime this week we are going to look at ceramic tile and granite counter tops for our kitchen. My (ex) brother in law works for a tile and stone company and we are hoping they will give us a good deal if we pick from items that they have in their warehouse. We still have more wallpaper to peel off. I swear this has been the slowest process in history, but now that sports are over I can get Ken to help and we can get things moving along. We need to pick out our floor and counters before we can paint anyways (to pick the right color). It would be awesome if we were done with everything by Christmas! Our kitchen will probably look way out of place compared to rest of our house. But next we plan on redoing the family room.

Ken surprised us with a weekend getaway to Chicago for next month. I’ve been there twice with Ken, but this will be the first time for the kids. I think they will love it with all the Christmas decorations. Our hotel suite is right on the “Magnificent Mile”, which is on N. Michigan Avenue right next to tons of shopping so we can walk rather than hail cabs which would be quite interesting with 6 people. It will probably be freezing outside, unless we get lucky and some of this nice weather sticks around for awhile longer. We will let the kids pick out a few gifts for Christmas and maybe we will find some gifts for family members as well.

Kids before T or T

Kids before T or T

Kids before T or T

Blake said he wanted to be a vampire again this year! Works for me!
Kids before T or T

Blake and his buds

Karli's bestest girfriends

Chase had a different mask on at school than he wore for trick or treating.
Chase at school parade (he wore a different mask for T or T)

Pumpkin Farm

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  • Reply Friglet November 9, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    Great costumes! You’re always so good about taking pictures. :)

  • Reply smizzo November 9, 2009 at 9:41 am

    The kids looked fantastic and I loved how you decorated your front porch!

    Chicago sounds like so much fun. I can’t wait to see the pictures you take. I’ve never seen the actual city since I’m always stuck in their airport.

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