October & November Pictorial

The past couple of months have been full of busy times, let’s recap…

Andrew went to Homecoming…his last one :( Which he went to with “the guys”.
Homecoming Homecoming

Andrew turned 18!
Andrew 18th Birthday

We surprised him with a party with his closest buds, here was the first wave of friends. Others came throughout the night.
Andrew 18th Birthday

Andrew 18th Birthday

And then he went and got a tattoo! This is what it looked like the day he got the tattoo, the shading looks different now, especially in the middle. I’ll have to get a recent photo.
Andrew Tattoo

Roller blading with friends and cousin Emma.
roller skating

Happy Halloween! Karli dressed GOTH for a school party. Her friend’s costume was so cool!
Karli and her buddy before their Halloween Party. Karli is dressed Goth. Her idea ;)

Then she decided to go with a pink tutu for trick or treating with a sweater just because it was chilly and raining a bit. Chase wore an old baseball uniform. I love when they get older and will just wear whatever instead of wanting a fancy expensive costume. They just want the candy :P (That’s Karli’s friend there in the middle.)
A little rain didn't stop us Bedford folks!

Chase turned 11! Two different cakes, one on his actual birthday and then one for his party.
Chase's 11th Birthday

Chase's 11th Birthday

We took him and his buddies to Sky Zone and they had a blast.
Celebrating Chase's 11th birthday at SkyZone!

Chase's 11th Birthday

We celebrated Thanksgiving at our house and Chase helped me clean the turkey. Yes, he just balances on the countertop like that. Weirdo!
Chase helping with the turkey! He's quite amused with it.

After dinner we played game after game of Scattagories with the kids…Tori was my helper!
Playing Scattagories with the little helper.

I can’t believe Christmas is in 8 days! We are ready for the most part. We actually have everything wrapped too. No more waiting until the last minute. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!! HO HO HO!!

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