Raising Money

We raised an amazing amount of money on Saturday during our casino bus trip fundraiser. We had a full bus, 55 people, and made a huge amount of money off of raffle tickets and selling beer and jello shots. We gave away tons of gift certificates to restaurants, a golf package, an oil change, a car detailing, even a Blackberry Bold cell phone! Ken did an incredible job contacting local business to get donations for raffle items. We have made enough money to cover Andrew’s baseball expenses for the season. This doesn’t include our families expenses in traveling to Myrtle Beach of course. We covered the cost of his uniforms and his entry fee into the tournament. I will say that planning the entire bus trip was a huge pain in the rear and one that I do not care to experience again anytime soon. It is a pain getting people to commit and collect their darn money. I totally understand, I mean many people are struggling and cutting back financially right now. The best part was spending time one of my long time friends that I have known since junior high school and we had a great time. We also went to dinner with two other couples that we don’t hang out with much and that was a lot of fun too. Overall, it was worth it, but still, never again.

My poor baby Tori was spayed today and she is not looking good. She keeps shaking and every so often she whimpers and it breaks my heart. I know in the long run this is the best decision, but it is so sad to see her like this. Her tiny little 5 pound body can only take 1/4 of a pain pill at a time and it does seem to help her. It was cute though, my youngest son Chase, wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up. I showed him Tori’s stitches when he came home from school and said, “Look, this is what you will have to do when you are a vet someday”. He stared and then made this gross looking face and said, “Forget that, I will just be a zookeeper instead”.

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